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Working Paper
Credit cycle and adverse selection effects in consumer credit markets -- evidence from the HELOC market

The authors empirically study how the underlying riskiness of the pool of home equity line of credit originations is affected over the credit cycle. Drawing from the largest existing database of U.S. home equity lines of credit, they use county-level aggregates of these loans to estimate panel regressions on the characteristics of the borrowers and their loans, and competing risk hazard regressions on the outcomes of the loans. The authors show that when the expected unemployment risk of households increases, riskier households tend to borrow more. As a consequence, the pool of households ...
Working Papers , Paper 11-13

Working Paper
Private international debt with risk of repudiation

The risk of repudiation plays a central role in the size and nature of international capital flows. In this paper the author addresses the question of whether, in a world of international capital flows with risk of default, strategic externalities provide a rationale for regulation of international borrowing. The author models centralized arrangements of international debt in which only governments borrow and lend internationally and decentralized arrangements in which individuals have access to international markets. The author shows that a centralized setup allows more international risk ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 2001-16

Conference Paper
On the credit risk of OTC derivative users

Proceedings , Paper 554

Conference Paper
Risk taking behavior of banking firms

Proceedings , Paper 316

Conference Paper
What have we learned about bank regulation over the economic cycle? evidence on interest rate risk

Proceedings , Issue 1 , Pages 140-174

Conference Paper
Risk: remarks - 2007 trends in financial risk and fraud

Proceedings – Payments System Research Conferences

Journal Article
Bank holding company stock risk and the composition of bank asset portfolios

In this paper, I conduct an empirical analysis of the behavior of bank holding company stock returns with the goal of identifying the effect of portfolio composition on the risks embodied in those returns. Using a modified arbitrage pricing theory model, I test for significant balance sheet effects on both the market and nonmarket components of bank stock systematic risk. I find that several categories of bank assets are significant in explaining bank stock risk profiles. Among other things, I discuss the importance of these findings in light of the risk-based capital standards and suggest ...
Economic Review

Journal Article
Real world risk and financial institutions

Economic Review , Issue Win , Pages 5-11

Conference Paper
Managing derivatives risk

Proceedings , Paper 447

Conference Paper
Systemic risk and financial restructuring

Proceedings , Paper 186



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