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Journal Article
Risk and uncertainty

EconSouth , Volume 5 , Issue Q2 , Pages 1

Journal Article
Market risk and bank capital: part 2

FRBSF Economic Letter

The financial crisis : toward an explanation and policy response. 2008 annual report of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

This year's article was co-authored by Aaron Steelman, director of publications, and John A. Weinberg, senior vice president and director of research. The authors discuss the key events of the financial crisis, examine which factors contributed to it, and consider how policymakers might most effectively respond. At the core of their discussion is the role that explicit and implicit government guarantees played in encouraging unwise risk-taking by financial institutions.
Annual Report

Journal Article
Explanations for the increased riskiness of banks in the 1980s

Review , Issue Jul , Pages 3-24

Journal Article
Financial futures for banks

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Financial instruments for mitigating credit risk

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
A framework for assessing depository institution risk


Journal Article
Why do banks' loan losses differ?

Economic Review , Volume 72 , Issue May , Pages 3-21

Journal Article
Using credit risk models for regulatory capital: issues and options

The authors describe the issues and options that would be associated with the development of regulatory minimum capital standards for credit risk based on banks' internal risk measurement models. Their goal is to provide a sense of the features that an internal-models (IM) approach to regulatory capital would likely incorporate, and to stimulate discussion among financial institutions, supervisors, and other interested parties about the many practical and conceptual issues involved in structuring a workable IM regulatory capital regime for credit risk. The authors focus on three main areas: ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue Mar , Pages 19-36

Journal Article
Commentary on 3 papers on issues in value-at-risk modeling and evaulation

Economic Policy Review , Volume 4 , Issue Oct , Pages 125-128



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