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Keywords:Revenue - New England 

Journal Article
Across the region: six-state review

Fiscal Facts , Issue Sum , Pages 6-11

Revenue forecasting processes in New England

State governments creating their budgets are concerned about available revenues. The basis of a successful budget is a sound revenue forecast. How states arrive at this forecast is both a science and an art and the approach differs markedly among states. This policy brief responds to the dearth of readily accessible information about states? revenue forecasting processes by describing, comparing, and contrasting the revenue forecasting processes of the New England states.
New England Public Policy Center Policy Brief

Journal Article
Across the region: six-state review

Revenue collections were strong across New England during the first two-thirds of FY05 (July 2004 through February 2005) compared with the same period one year earlier. All states experienced positive growth in total revenue, with increases ranging from 1.3 percent in New Hampshire to 9.1 percent in Connecticut. Year-over-year revenue growth from the largest tax the personal income tax in all states except New Hampshire where the business tax produces the most revenuewas also positive in all states. Revenue growth from these taxes ranged from a low of 5.1 percent in Maine to a high of 17.0 ...
Fiscal Facts , Issue Sum , Pages 7-12

Journal Article
Across the region: six-state review

Despite a markedly improved outlook for state finances, New Englands states still face significant fiscal pressures moving forward into the current and next fiscal years. Prominent among these challenges are two changes to the Medicaid and Medicare programs that could significantly increase state health care costs.
Fiscal Facts , Issue Win , Pages 6-10

Journal Article
Six-state review

It appears that most New England states can look forward to a year in which revenues may equal or exceed budgeted levels.
Fiscal Facts , Issue Win , Pages 6-8