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Journal Article
Transportation and infrastructure, retail clustering, and local public finance: evidence from Wal-Mart's expansion

Regional Economic Development , Issue Oct , Pages 100-114

Journal Article
Gift card value when issuers go bankrupt

What value does a prepaid gift card retain when the company where it can be spent files for bankruptcy? A legal intern looks at the law and recent cases and offers advice to consumers.
Communities and Banking , Issue Win , Pages 11-12

Journal Article
Bah, humbug?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
Estimating the border effect: some new evidence

To what extent do national borders and national currencies impose costs that segment markets across countries? To answer this question the authors use a dataset with product-level retail prices and wholesale costs for a large grocery chain with stores in the United States and Canada. They develop a model of pricing by location and employ a regression discontinuity approach to estimate and interpret the border effect. They report three main facts: One, the median absolute retail price and wholesale cost discontinuities between adjacent stores on either side of the U.S.-Canadian border are as ...
Working Papers , Paper 09-10

Journal Article
Retail credit survey - 1944

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May , Pages 423-428

Journal Article
Thomas J. Holmes on Wal-Mart's location strategy

Holmes describes Wal-Mart's location strategy and possible implications for the Ninth District.
Fedgazette , Volume 18 , Issue Mar , Pages 11-13

Journal Article
Observations: self-checkout checking in

Improved self-checkout technology means retailers can now offer more choices for customers in how they pay.
Regional Review , Issue Q 4 2003 / Q1 2004 , Pages 1

Journal Article
Shopping discount: hip or hype?

The past decade has seen a proliferation of factory outlet stores and centers, many of which are located in the Fifth District. Some are even tourist attractions. But will these outlets continue to succeed in the '90s?
Cross Sections , Volume 13 , Issue Sum , Pages 10-16

Journal Article
New Dallas Fed indicator tracks Texas retail sales

A new economic indicator published monthly by the Dallas Fed will provide timely estimates of retail sales in Texas.
Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 3-4, 16

Journal Article
Banks with something to lose: the disciplinary role of franchise value

As protectors of the safety and soundness of the banking system, banking supervisors are responsible for keeping banks' risk taking in check. The authors explain that franchise value--the present value of the stream of profits that a firm is expected to earn as a going concern--makes the supervisor's job easier by reducing banks' incentives to take risks. The authors explore the relationship between franchise value and risk taking from 1986 to 1994 using both balance-sheet data and stock returns. They find that banks with high franchise value operate more safely than those with low franchise ...
Economic Policy Review , Volume 2 , Issue Oct , Pages 1-14


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