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Journal Article
Rolling recessions

Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 1-4

Journal Article
Profile of a recession - the U.S. and California

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
U.S. economy: Moderate and better-balanced growth in 2003

In a speech, Atlanta Fed President Jack Guynn said that he believes the U.S. economy in 2003 should grow slightly faster than it did in 2002, and growth should be more broad-based.
Financial Update , Volume 16 , Issue Q 1

Journal Article
Recent changes in labor force participation: trend or cycle?

During a recession, the participation rate typically declines as discouraged workers exit the labor force.
Economic Synopses

Journal Article
Barreling down the road to recession?

National Economic Trends , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Probability of recession

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
The recession's impact on the state budgets of New York and New Jersey

In the wake of the most recent U.S. recession, both New York State and New Jersey have faced multibillion-dollar budget gaps. An analysis of the makeup of their budgets reveals that the states' heavy reliance on personal income taxes--particularly from high-wage earners in the finance sector--has exacerbated revenue shortfalls. To close their budget gaps, New York and New Jersey have had to make difficult choices about tax increases and service cuts. In the future, the states might take steps to avert such budget quandaries by establishing "rainy day" funds or restructuring taxes to make ...
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 16 , Issue Jun/Jul

Journal Article
Breaking the inflation-recession cycle

A discussion of recessions, caused by inflationary monetary policies as well as nonmonetary surprises, and a prescription for attaining maximum sustainable economic growth.
Economic Commentary , Issue Oct

An evaluation of methods for determining turning points in the business cycle

Research Paper , Paper 9303

Journal Article
The effects of recessions across demographic groups

The burdens of a recession are not spread evenly across demographic groups. As the public and media noticed, from the start of the current recession in December 2007 through June 2009 men accounted for more than three-quarters of net job losses. Other differences have garnered less attention but are just as interesting. During the same period, the employment of single people fell at more than twice the rate that it did for married people and the decline for black workers was one and a half times that for white workers. To provide a more complete understanding of the effect of recessions, this ...
Review , Volume 92 , Issue Jan



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