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Keywords:Real estate development 

Implications of the financial crisis for potential growth: past, present, and future

The scale of the recent collapse in asset values and the magnitude of the recession suggest that activities connected to the increase in values over the 2002-07 period--notably, expansion of the financial markets, homebuilding, and real estate--were overstated. If this is true, aggregate U.S. economic growth would have been overstated, implying that previous rates of potential gross domestic product (GDP) growth may also have been overstated and that the trajectory of potential GDP may be slower going forward. Slowing growth in the finance, homebuilding, and real estate sectors could hold ...
Staff Reports , Paper 408

Journal Article
Store clearance

Retail vacancy rates are up in the district, especially for strip malls.
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue May , Pages 14-16

Journal Article
Coping strategies

Sprawl is often condemned, but most critiques hold no economic water. Still, a few are valid, and policy fixes may exist.
Fedgazette , Volume 19 , Issue Mar , Pages 5-7

Journal Article
Lost best place

As city dwellers seek bucolic bliss, sprawl is spreading to the countryside. Problem, or opportunity?
Fedgazette , Volume 19 , Issue Mar , Pages 1

Journal Article
Wide open spaces

Incentive-based tools to protect rural land from sprawl are increasingly popular, but some doubt their effectiveness.
Fedgazette , Volume 19 , Issue Mar , Pages 7-9

Journal Article
Do fence me in?

Rural sprawl happens when people try to grab their slice of paradise in the country. Critics view it as devastating; newcomers are just looking for a better life.
Fedgazette , Volume 19 , Issue Mar , Pages 2-4

Journal Article
Why is output growth so slow?

The excess supply of commercial and residential real estate might explain why the historically low nominal and real interest rates have had relatively little effect on stimulating investment.
Economic Synopses

Journal Article
Commercial real estate: a drag for some banks but maybe not for U.S. economy

Community banks seem to have the most to fear about the state of commercial real estate today. The problems with these loans, however, shouldn't derail the entire economy.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 10-11

Journal Article
Real estate markets in 1952

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug , Pages 853-860



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