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Journal Article
Encouraging entrepreneurship: a microenterprise development policy agenda

There are a number of opportunities for public policy to help microenterprise programs support emerging entrepreneurs as they contend with the current economic environment.
Community Investments , Volume 20 , Issue Win

Journal Article
Supporting young children and families : an investment strategy that pays

Increasingly, research has demonstrated that investing in high-quality services for young children and their parents produces significant returns, both to individuals and to the larger economy.
Community Investments , Volume 20 , Issue Win

Journal Article
A new safety net for low-income families

With so many so vulnerable, the nation needs new policies that make work pay in today?s economy.
Community Investments , Volume 20 , Issue Win

Journal Article
Technology, productivity, and public policy

This Economic Letter summarizes papers presented at the conference "Technology, Productivity, and Public Policy" held at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco on November 7-8, 2003. The conference was the inaugural event of the new Center for the Study of Innovation and Productivity (CSIP), which is organized within the Economic Research Department of the Bank.
FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Job creation policies and the Great Recession

The adverse labor market effects of the Great Recession have intensified interest in policy efforts to spur job creation. The two most direct job creation policies are subsidies that go to workers and hiring credits that go to employers. Evidence indicates that worker subsidies are generally more effective at creating jobs. However, the unique circumstances of recovery from the Great Recession, especially the weak demand for labor, make hiring credits more effective in the short term.
FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Economic inequality in the United States

This Economic Letter is adapted from the 2006-2007 Economics of Governance Lecture delivered by Janet L. Yellen, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, at the Center for the Study of Democracy, University of California, Irvine, on November 6, 2006. ; My topic today is the performance of the U.S. economy, with a focus on how trends for the economy as a whole have been playing out for our nation's individuals and families. One area I'd like to examine in particular is how the income that has been generated by our economy over the past three decades or so has been ...
FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Homeownership and affordable lending: a case study

Homeownership doesn't just provide people a place to live. It also enables them to accumulate wealth by saving more and building equity in their homes.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 3

Conference Paper
Political implications of U.S. public attitudes toward immigration on the immigration policymaking process

Three developments in U.S. public attitudes have emerged since the 2001 terrorist attacks. First, Americans have shifted their thinking about the salience or importance of immigration issues. Second, they have changed their level of attentiveness to immigration as a national problem. Third, as awareness of immigration issues and divisiveness in political parties have increased, they have begun to use immigration as an evaluative criterion for vote choice. ; This study analyzes the causes and implications of these shifts in public attitudes toward immigration on the U.S. political landscape. ...

Conference Paper
Commentary on session II: The politics of migration and trade

Summary and discussion of the two papers in this session: "U.S.-Mexican migration cooperation: obstacles and opportunities" by Marc R. Rosenblum; "Political implications of U.S. public attitudes toward immigration on the immigration policymaking process" by Valerie F. Hunt

Journal Article
Financial modernization and regulation

FRBSF Economic Letter



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