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Journal Article
Does the bouncing ball lead to economic growth?

Regional Update , Issue Jul , Pages 1-2, 4-6

Journal Article
Conference flush with lessons on sports, entertainment, gambling

Regional Update , Issue Jul , Pages 3

Journal Article
Economists: mega-events are money pits; arts are riskier than sports

Regional Update , Issue Jul , Pages 7-8

Journal Article
Can pro sports survive prosperity?

Regional Review , Volume 9 , Issue Q3 , Pages 16-23

Journal Article
Observations: bulls, bears, and ballclubs

When professional sports teams go public.
Regional Review , Volume 12 , Issue Q 3

Journal Article
Should cities pay for sports facilities?

Taxpayers can get more bang for their buck on other projects, but saying "no" to the home team is hard to do.
The Regional Economist , Issue Apr , Pages 4-9

Journal Article
A winning combination? economic theory meets sports

Satisfying a need to get out in the field, some economists are studying sports. Their topics have included racism in the NBA, coaches' maximization of their chances of winning, and the direction that soccer players and goalies should move during penalty kicks.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 10-13

Journal Article
What are the benefits of hosting a major league sports franchise?

Over the last few decades the number of U.S. metropolitan areas large enough to host a franchise from one of the four major professional sports leagues has soared. Even as major league baseball, football, basketball and hockey have expanded to include more franchises, demand by metro areas continues to exceed supply. Metro areas have thus been forced to compete with each other to retain and attract franchises. ; The resulting large public spending on new sports facilities has been quite controversial. Usually these costly projects are justified by claims that hosting a sports franchise spurs ...
Economic Review , Volume 86 , Issue Q I , Pages 55-86

Journal Article
Field goal or fumble? : the economic score on the Atlantic Coast Conference expansion

Econ Focus , Volume 7 , Issue Fall , Pages 7

Journal Article
Should cities be ready for some football? Assessing the social benefits of hosting an NFL team

This article tackles the question: Are large public expenditures on new stadiums a good investment for cities? Although public subsidies for professional sports teams are controversial, the answer to our question may well be yes. In this article, Jerry Carlino and visiting scholar Ed Coulson from Penn State report the results of their 2003 study: When quality-of-life benefits are included in the calculation, building new stadiums and hosting an NFL franchise may indeed be a good deal for cities and their residents.
Business Review , Issue Q2 , Pages 7-17