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Keywords:Production (Economic theory) 

Working Paper
Induced seasonality and production-smoothing models of inventory behavior

Working Paper Series / Economic Activity Section , Paper 121

Journal Article
Investing in the front line or the new art of cutting metal

Regional Review , Issue Spr , Pages 6-12

Working Paper
Globalization of production and the technology transfer paradox

This paper develops a growth model aimed at understanding the effects of globalization of production on rate of innovation, distribution of labor income between the North and South and welfare of workers in both regions. We adopt a dynamic general equilibrium product cycle model, assuming that the North specializes in innovation and the South specializes in imitation. Globalization of production resulting from trade liberalization and imitation of the North?s technology by the South increases the rate of innovation. When the South?s participation in the product cycle is not too deep, further ...
Working Papers , Paper 0810

Working Paper
North-South business cycles

This paper shows that the economic activity of the industrial North and developing South move together - when the North is above its trend, the South tends to be above its trend. We refer to this phenomenon as the "North-South business cycle." The paper develops a quantitative general equilibrium model of North-South trade that captures many cyclical features of North-South trade and production data. In particular, the high volatility of North-South terms of trade, and strong comovement of Northern and Southern activity. On the basis of this model we argue that North-South business cycles ...
Working Paper Series, Macroeconomic Issues , Paper WP-96-9

Working Paper
The cyclical relationship between output and prices: an analysis in the frequency domain

Recent research showing negative correlations between detrended output and prices during the postwar period has brought into question the conventional wisdom that prices are procyclical. However, this finding has been shown to be sensitive to the sample period considered. This paper examines the relationship between output and prices in the frequency domain: using quarterly data on GNP and the deflator for the period 1875-1994, the covariance of output and prices is decomposed into its spectral components in order to investigate whether the differences in the price-output relationship across ...
Working Papers , Paper 1997-007

Journal Article
Production, income, and spending accelerate

Review , Volume 50 , Issue Feb , Pages 2-4

Working Paper
Sticky prices and inventories : production smoothing reconsidered

Working Paper , Paper 01-06

Working Paper
Investment, capacity, and output: a putty-clay approach

In this paper, we embed the microeconomic decisions associated with investment under uncertainty, capacity utilization, and machine replacement in a general equilibrium model based on putty-clay technology. We show that the combination of log-normally distributed idiosyncratic productivity uncertainty and Leontief utilization choice yields an aggregate production function that is easily characterized in terms of hazard rates for the standard normal distribution. At low levels of idiosyncratic uncertainty, the short-run elasticity of supply is substantially lower than the elasticity of supply ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 1998-44

On the distributional effects of exchange rate fluctuations

The paper studies the differential impact of exchange rate fluctuations on households in a country. I extend earlier research by relaxing the assumption of complete international sectoral specialization. My setup allows for the presence of several different sectors in a given country, each producing a different type of good. Combined with incomplete asset markets, the sectoral dimension leads to a heterogeneous impact of exchange rate fluctuation within each country. In particular, although a depreciation of a country's currency has an adverse 'beggar-thyself' effect for the country as a ...
Staff Reports , Paper 146

Working Paper
Production and inventory behavior of capital

This paper provides a dynamic optimization model of durable good inventories to study the interactions between investment demand and production of capital goods. There are three major findings: First, capital suppliers' inventory behavior makes investment demand more volatile in equilibrium; Second, equilibrium price of capital is characterized by downward stickiness; Third, the responses of the capital market to interest rate and other environmental changes are asymmetric. All are the results of equilibrium interactions between demand and supply.
Working Papers , Paper 2005-044



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