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Keywords:Private schools 

Working Paper
Charter school tax credit: Investing in human capital

This working paper considers how two existing policy tools--investment tax credits and charter schools--could be combined to raise operating funds for charter schools that successfully close the poverty-related academic achievement gap. Some charter schools have succeeded in dramatically improving low-income student performance (those run by KIPP, Achievement First, and the Harlem Children's Zone, for example). However, these successful schools differ significantly in type and approach. As a result, it is difficult to identify a single, or combination of variables in any one charter that, if ...
Community Development Investment Center Working Paper , Paper 2010-08

Journal Article
Program design, incentives, and response: evidence from educational interventions

In an effort to reform K-12 education, policymakers have introduced school vouchers?scholarships that make students eligible to transfer from public to private schools?in some U.S. school districts. This article analyzes two such educational interventions in the United States: the Milwaukee and Florida voucher programs. Under the Milwaukee program, vouchers were imposed from the outset, so that all low-income public school students became eligible for vouchers to transfer to private schools. In contrast, schools in the Florida program were only threatened with vouchers, with students of a ...
Economic Policy Review , Volume 16 , Issue Oct , Pages 1-22

U.S. and regional economic conditions

Remarks at the Economic Press Briefing on Private For-Profit Institutions in Higher Education, New York City.
Speech , Paper 126

Working Paper
Private school location and neighborhood characteristics

Working Paper Series , Paper WP-02-27

Do charter schools crowd out private school enrollment? Evidence from Michigan

Charter schools have been one of the most important dimensions of recent school reform measures in the United States. Currently, there are more than 4,500 charter schools spread across forty U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Though there have been numerous studies on the effects of charter schools, these have mostly been confined to analyzing the effects on student achievement, student demographic composition, parental satisfaction, and the competitive effects on regular public schools. This study departs from the existing literature by investigating the effect of charter schools on ...
Staff Reports , Paper 472