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Keywords:Power resources - Prices 

Journal Article
Modeling the impact of an energy price shock on interregional income transfer

Quarterly Review , Volume 12 , Issue Sum , Pages 2-17

Discussion Paper
Energy price shocks, capacity utilization and business cycle fluctuations

This study focuses on the analysis of energy price shocks in the generation of business cycle phenomena. These shocks are transmitted through endogenous fluctuations in capital utilization. The production structure of the model gives rise to an empirical measure of true technology growth that is exempt from recent criticisms levelled at the standard measure, i.e., Solow residual growth. The model is calibrated and evaluated for the U.S. economy using annual data over the 19601988 period. At business cycle frequencies, the model accounts for 7491 percent of the volatility of U.S. output; ...
Discussion Paper / Institute for Empirical Macroeconomics , Paper 50

Discussion Paper
The employment and wage effects of oil price shocks: a sectoral analysis

In this paper we use micro panel data to examine the effects of oil price shocks on employment and real wages, at the aggregate and industry levels. We also measure differences in the employment and wage responses for workers differentiated on the basis of skill level. We find that oil price increases result in a substantial decline in real wages for all workers, but raise the relative wage of skilled workers. The use of panel data econometric techniques to control for unobserved heterogeneity is essential to uncover this result, which is completely hidden in OLS estimates. While the ...
Discussion Paper / Institute for Empirical Macroeconomics , Paper 51

Journal Article
Micropower: The next big thing?

Fedgazette , Volume 13 , Issue Mar , Pages 11-14

Journal Article
Lighting up Big Sky, dereg style

Electricity deregulation comes to Montana?so far, to the cheers of some and the chagrin of many.
Fedgazette , Volume 17 , Issue Sep , Pages 14-17

Working Paper
Where is an oil shock?

Much of the literature examining the effects of oil shocks asks the question ?What is an oil shock?? and has concluded that oil-price increases are asymmetric in their effects on the US economy. That is, sharp increases in oil prices affect economic activity adversely, but sharp decreases in oil prices have no effect. We reconsider the directional symmetry of oil-price shocks by addressing the question Where is an oil shock? , the answer to which reveals a great deal of spatial/directional asymmetry across states. Although most states have typical responses to oil-price shocks?they are ...
Working Papers , Paper 2011-016

Journal Article
Rising oil prices and economic turmoil: must they always go hand in hand?

When oil prices jump, people get jumpy-especially when the Fed is bumping up interest rate targets at the same time. Why? Because these two events have accompanied virtually every recession since World War II. At least until now.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 4-9



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