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Journal Article
Pollution pricing

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Pricing L.A.'s pollution

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
Environmental protection: a new trade issue


Recent developments in clean water legislation

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jun

Conference Paper
Brownfield policies in the Midwest

Contaminated and often abandoned or underused industrial sites--known as brownfields--dot cities across the Midwest. State and local officials are struggling to develop effective strategies to attract investments to these sites, to spark reuse efforts that will stimulate new economic activity and create jobs in these areas. But coping with the contamination at these sites has added a serious new dimension to the economic development process; in fact, addressing environmental concerns to the satisfaction of prospective lenders, tenants, and surrounding communities now constitutes a critical ...
Assessing the Midwest Economy , Paper MA-3

Working Paper
Enforcement of pollution regulations in a declining industry

An examination of the effect of EPA enforcement activity as it relates to company plant-closing decisions and company compliance decisions in the U.S. steel industry, finding fewer enforcement actions taken toward plants with an already high probability of closing.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 8912

Journal Article
Industrial ecology: environmental and economic boon

A movement that began almost accidentally 35 years ago in Denmark is showing that when factories use the waste of other nearby factories as their raw material, advantages to the environment and the local economy abound.
Communities and Banking , Issue Fall , Pages 3-5

Journal Article
Global warming policy: some economic implications

Many analysts believe that the emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from human activity are contributing to global warming, but the linkage is highly uncertain. The largest such source of these gases is carbon dioxide (CO2) from the growing consumption of fossil fuels. Consequently, the conservation of fossil fuels figures prominently in any strategy to reduce the threat of global warming. Because there is considerable uncertainty about the benefits of reducing CO2 emissions but the costs of conservation can be readily quantified, some analysts have suggested that reducing the emissions ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q IV , Pages 26-35

Journal Article
Observations: fill 'er up

Using vegetable oil to reduce the environmental problems from diesel fuel.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1

Journal Article
Pollution control legislation and the capital-appropriations- expenditure lag

Economic Review , Issue Win , Pages 40-52


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