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Keywords:Pharmaceutical industry 

Journal Article
Does locale affect R&D productivity? the case of pharmaceuticals

FRBSF Economic Letter

Regional economy and manufacturing update

Remarks at the Quarterly Regional Economic Press Briefing, New York City.
Speech , Paper 28

Working Paper
A note on global walfare in pharmaceutical patenting

This paper revisits the question of whether global welfare is higher under a uniform world-wide system of pharmaceutical product patents or with international rules allowing low-income nations to free-ride on the discoveries of firms in rich nations. Key variables include the extent to which free-riding reduces the discovery of new drugs, the rent potential of rich as compared to poor nations, the ratio of the marginal utility of income in poor as compared to rich nations, and the competitive environment within which R&D decisions are made. Global welfare is found to be higher with ...
Working Papers , Paper 03-11

Journal Article
What the doctor ordered? : the economics of drug reimportation

Econ Focus , Volume 8 , Issue Sum , Pages 31-

Journal Article
Filling a prescription for more pharmacies

Across the country and the district, pharmacy schools look like the equivalent of a 90-day refill?a good supply, at least for the time being.
Fedgazette , Volume 18 , Issue Jan , Pages 3

Journal Article
Special delivery

Innovations are changing how, where and when people receive pharmacy services. Not everyone is thrilled.
Fedgazette , Volume 18 , Issue Jan , Pages 7

Journal Article
Too much of a good thing can be bad: the pros and cons of pharmaceutical patents

Pharmaceutical firms-and society-depend on patent protection to foster the development of new drugs. But patents also raise prices and reduce access by delaying generic competition.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 10-18

Journal Article
Cash, check or third party?

Prescription benefit plans are squeezing retail pharmacies.
Fedgazette , Volume 18 , Issue Jan , Pages 4-6

Journal Article
The other pharm crisis

The pharmacy industry faces a multitude of challenges, and rural areas confront the possibility of losing pharmacy services.
Fedgazette , Volume 18 , Issue Jan , Pages 1-4



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