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Exploring the new face of retail payments (special issue)

At the Chicago Fed?s 2011 Payments Conference, held on May 19?20, participants discussed how changes in consumers? behavior in the wake of the financial crisis and recession can translate into opportunities and challenges for both traditional and nascent payment providers. They also focused on the impact of payment innovations and new consumer protection regulations.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Sep

Conference Paper
The Canadian payment system: an evolving structure


Journal Article
Antitrust and payment technologies

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 41-54

Journal Article
The Texas banking crisis and the payments system

The Federal Reserve System plays a crucial role in the payments system that is especially important during periods of financial turmoil. In this article, Robert Clair, Joanna Kolson, and Kenneth Robinson explain the process and the risks involved in clearing checks in the private sector. They compare these processes and risks with the essentially risk-free check-clearing service the Federal Reserve System offers. During banking crises, they hypothesize, banks will increase their check-clearing through the Federal Reserve to minimize their risk exposure. A model of Federal Reserve ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q I , Pages 13-21

Journal Article
Why invest in payment innovations?

In this paper, we provide a framework to study the creation and adoption of innovations by payment providers and processors. We identify several motivating factors for banks and nonbanks to invest in payment innovations. In addition, we discuss the evolutionary process of payment innovations from inception to commoditization recognizing that innovations differ in the time necessary to evolve from proprietary technology to commodization and some may never evolve completely. Finally, we consider a snapshot of payment innovations at different stages of development. We compare proprietary versus ...
Emerging Issues , Issue Jun

Paper, plastic... or phone?

This article examines mobile-phone payment and banking alternatives in the United States. It explores prospects for growth, available technologies, and the outlook for one or more technologies coming to dominate the market.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue Dec

Journal Article
The economics of payment finality

Payment finality is critical to decentralized exchange. By specifying how the transfer of one type of claim extinguishes another, the rules governing finality minimize opportunities for default along credit chains and allocate other risks. ; The authors provide a basic analysis of finality and its role in facilitating exchange. They first present a simple, historically based model of transferable debt and finality. The discussion demonstrates the desirability of transferable debt and why rules governing payment finality are needed to sort out who will bear the losses in the event of default. ...
Economic Review , Volume 87 , Issue Q2 , Pages 1-12

Journal Article
Recent developments in consumer credit and payments

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia?s Research Department and Payment Cards Center held a conference September 29-30, 2005 - the fourth in a series of conferences exploring new academic research on the topic of consumer credit and payments. Seven research papers covered topics such as the design of consumer bankruptcy law, predatory lending, consumers? choice of borrowing terms and indebtedness, the function of credit reporting agencies, and pricing in credit card and ATM networks. ; Also issued as Payment Cards Center Discussion Paper No. 06-02
Business Review , Issue Q1 , Pages 35-43

Conference Paper
Competition: horizontal integration: remarks (SEPA)

Proceedings – Payments System Research Conferences

Journal Article
Intraday credit: risk, value, and pricing

An abstract for this article is not available
Economic Review , Volume 73 , Issue Jan , Pages 3-14



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