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Journal Article
Payments system safety evolved from national banking era lessons

Financial Update , Volume 9 , Issue Apr , Pages 7

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, September 11, 1991 (provisions of H.R.6 concerning Payment System Risk Reduction)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov

Conference Paper
Central banking: monetary control act of 1980 and payments system


Journal Article
Network issues and payment systems

Highways, railroads, pipelines?we see or hear about these types of physical networks almost every day. But information systems, such as the Internet, and payment systems, such as ATMs and credit cards, also involve networks. Hence, understanding the economics of networks and the unique features of network-dependent industries is crucial to modern life. In this article, James McAndrews outlines some of the unique features of network-dependent industries. He also analyzes some related payment-system issues and demonstrates that determining appropriate public policy would be difficult without a ...
Business Review , Issue Nov , Pages 15-25

Conference Paper
Nonbanks in the payments system: innovation, competition, and risk: an international payments policy conference

Nonbanks are becoming increasingly prominent in payments systems around the world. What are the implications of this heightened presence for innovation, competition, and risk? This international conference brought together three principal audiences - industry participants, academics, and public authorities - for an exchange of views and thoughts. The following issues were addressed: What activities do banks and nonbanks perform in payments? How has rising nonbank participation affected product innovation and market competition in the payments industry? Do banks and nonbanks compete on a level ...
Proceedings – Payments System Research Conferences

Paper, plastic... or phone?

This article examines mobile-phone payment and banking alternatives in the United States. It explores prospects for growth, available technologies, and the outlook for one or more technologies coming to dominate the market.
Payments System Research Briefing , Issue Dec

Journal Article
Changes in the use of electronic means of payment: 1995-2001

In "Changes in the Use of Electronic Means of Payment: 1995-2001," Mester updates tables that first appeared in her article in the March/April 2000 Business Review. The tables are based on data from the 2001 Survey of Consumer Finances. ; Also issued as Payment Cards Center Discussion Paper No. 03-16
Business Review , Issue Q3 , Pages 18-28

Journal Article
Electronic bill payment and presentment: a primer

Electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) services are a core component of many financial institutions' on-line banking offerings. This paper discusses the laws (state and federal), regulations, and regulatory guidance generally applicable to EBPP services offered through financial institutions. Particular emphasis is given to (i) the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and Regulation E (including provisions relevant to dispute resolution, liability for unauthorized transactions, and electronic disclosure) and (ii) regulatory guidance with respect to outsourcing arrangements in connection with ...
Emerging Issues , Issue Dec

Discussion Paper
Effects of credit scores on consumer payment choice

This paper investigates the effects of credit scores on consumer payment behavior, especially on debit and credit card use. Anecdotally, a negative relationship between debit card use and credit score has been reported; however, it is not clear whether that relationship is related to other factors, such as education or income, or whether it is a mere correlation. We use a new consumer survey dataset to examine whether this negative relationship holds after controlling for various consumer characteristics, including demographic and financial characteristics, consumers' perceptions toward ...
Public Policy Discussion Paper , Paper 12-1

Journal Article
Why hasn't electronic bill presentment and payment taken off?

The delivery and payment of bills over the Internet could offer many advantages?low processing costs and enhanced marketing opportunities for billers, savings in time and postage for customers. Nevertheless, electronic billing has not found favor with potential users. A lack of coordination among billers and customers, combined with the high fixed costs of the new technology, may help account for the cool reception.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 8 , Issue Jul



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