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Journal Article
Innovative activity in rural areas: the importance of local and regional characteristics

Innovation, supported by a developed and active entrepreneurial system, long has been recognized as critical to regional economic competitiveness. Innovation also plays an essential role for rural economic development as these regions respond to the challenges of competing in the global economy. Barkley and Henry identify assets that contribute to nonmetro innovation ?hot spots.?
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 3 , Pages 1-14

Journal Article
Are we running out of new ideas? a look at patents and R&D

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
The benefits to society of new drugs: a survey of the econometric evidence

Proceedings , Issue Sep , Pages 43-59

Conference Paper
The convergence of disruptive technologies enabling a new industrial approach to health products

Proceedings , Issue Sep , Pages 77-84

Conference Paper
Reaching through the genome

Proceedings , Issue Sep , Pages 105-115

Conference Paper
Commercializing knowledge: university science, knowledge capture and firm performance in biotechnology

Proceedings , Issue Sep , Pages 149-170

Journal Article
Can international patent protection help a developing country grow?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
Trade in ideas: patenting and productivity in the OECD

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 95-9

Working Paper
Research and productivity growth: theory and evidence from patent data

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 95-2

Working Paper
International patenting and technology diffusion

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 94-35


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