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Keywords:Off balance sheet financing 

Conference Paper
Diffusion of financial innovations: the case of junk bonds and note issuance facilities

Proceedings , Issue Aug , Pages 502-526

Working Paper
Off-balance-sheet liquidity and monetary control

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 87-12

Conference Paper
The market perception of bank off balance sheet activities

Proceedings , Paper 120

Conference Paper
Off-balance-sheet activity: a growing concern?

Proceedings , Paper 118

Conference Paper
The relationship between bank off-balance-sheet activities and credit risk under risk-based capital: a simultaneous equations approach

Proceedings , Paper 698

Conference Paper
Off-balance sheet activities and the underinvestment problem in banking

Proceedings , Paper 200

Conference Paper
Risk-based capital and off-balance sheet activities

Proceedings , Paper 202

Journal Article
Off-balance sheet banking

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 21-36