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Keywords:Nonbank financial institutions 

Working Paper
Money Market Fund Vulnerabilities: A Global Perspective

Money market funds (MMFs) are popular around the world, with over $9 trillion in assets under management globally. From their origins in the 1970s, MMFs have operated in a niche between the capital markets and the banking system, as investment funds that offer private money‐like assets with features similar to those of bank deposits. Hence, they are vulnerable to runs that arise from liquidity transformation and from sudden changes in investor perceptions of the funds’ ability to serve as money‐like assets. Since 2000, MMF runs have occurred in many countries and under many regulatory ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2022-012

Journal Article
Nonbank banks: catalyst for interstate banking

Business Review , Issue Nov/Dec , Pages 3-17

Fixing wholesale funding to build a more stable financial system

Remarks at the New York Bankers Association's 2013 Annual Meeting & Economic Forum, The Waldorf Astoria, New York City.

Conference Paper
The unbanked and the alternative financial sector

Proceedings , Paper 787

Fostering mainstream financial access:

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Feb

Working Paper
The importance of check-cashing businesses to the unbanked: racial/ethnic differences

The roughly 9.5 percent of all U.S. families that are without some type of transaction account (unbanked) are disproportionately represented by minorities. The unbanked often must rely on alternative ways to carry out basic financial transactions such as cashing payroll checks and paying bills. This study analyzes unique survey data and finds that a consumer's decision to patronize check-cashing businesses is jointly made with the decision to be unbanked. For the unbanked, these businesses are an important source for financial services. Attributes that contribute to these decisions, however, ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-03-10

Journal Article
Recent trends in the profitability of credit card banks

Competition among credit card issuers has increased sharply over the past few years. Despite this trend, the profitability of credit card banks not only remains high relative to the rest of the banking industry but continues to grow. This article examines recent trends in credit card bank profitability and, by looking beyond the aggregate data, uncovers some important differences between credit card banks owned by bank holding companies and those owned by nonbank firms.
Quarterly Review , Volume 19 , Issue Sum , Pages 107-111

Conference Paper
Reduced form evidence on the substitutability between bank and nonbank loans

Proceedings , Paper 51

Working Paper
The effects of credit availability, nonbank competition, and tax reform on bank consumer lending

Working Papers , Paper 9207

Journal Article
Statement of guidance for reporting activities of nonbank banks issued August 21, 1987

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct , Pages 788


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