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Journal Article
Two new indexes offer a broad view of economic activity in the New York - New Jersey region

The authors develop two coincident indexes that provide a comprehensive measure of economic activity in New Jersey, New York State, and New York City.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 5 , Issue Oct

Journal Article
1997 job outlook: the New York-New Jersey region

Major industrial and government restructurings have dominated employment reports in the New York-New Jersey region, leading to widespread pessimism about the region's job prospects. Nevertheless, for the past several years, the two states have managed to achieve modest job gains. In 1997, employment growth in New York and New Jersey will accelerate slightly as the pace of restructurings slows.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 3 , Issue Jan

Discussion Paper
The Great Recession and Recovery in the Tri-State Region

In 2008, as the financial crisis unfolded and the U.S. economy tumbled into a sharp recession, the outlook for the tri-state region (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) and especially New York City—the heart of the nation's financial industry—looked grim. Regional economists feared an economic downturn as harsh as the one in 2001, or the even deeper recession of the early 1990s. Now, as the recovery takes hold, we can report that although the economic downturn was severe in the region, with the unemployment rate surging above 9 percent in many places, it was less severe than many had ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20110509b

Journal Article
Pension Gap Perils

Pennsylvania and New Jersey?s pension systems are severely straining their state budgets, and Delaware?s also carry shortfalls Are the significant shortfalls in tristate public pension funds actually far worse than official reports suggest?
Regional Spotlight , Issue Q2 , Pages 15-19

Is Urban Cool Cooling New Jersey’s Job Market?

Since 2000, employment in New Jersey has slowed considerably compared with its relatively steady growth in the late 1980s through the 1990s. As of the second quarter of 2015, New Jersey?s total payroll employment was less than 1 percent greater than it was in the first quarter of 2000.
Research Brief , Issue Q4

Journal Article
The health sector's role in New York's regional economy

Economic activity in the New York region depends heavily on the health sector - a sector that helped buoy New York's economy during the region's 1989-92 downturn. But with fundamental changes occuring in health care, will the sector still bolster the region's economy in the years to come?
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 1 , Issue Aug

Journal Article
Health insurance trends point to an increase in uninsured children in New York and New Jersey

Between 1988 and 1997, the percentage of children in New York and New Jersey receiving public health insurance increased modestly, while the percentage of children with private insurance showed a sharp decline. The net effect of these changes has been a marked rise in the share of Second District children without any health insurance.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 6 , Issue Feb

Discussion Paper
Just Released: Household Debt and Credit Developments in the Nation and the Region in 2011:Q1

This post gives our summary of the 2011:Q1 Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit, released today by the New York Fed. The report shows signs of healing in household balance sheets in the United States and the region, as measured by consumer debt levels, delinquency rates, foreclosure starts, and bankruptcies— although the regional data are somewhat mixed. The report captures the debt and credit activity of an anonymous, nationally representative panel of U.S. households.
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20110509a

Journal Article
Regional Spotlight: Surveying the South Jersey Economy

After 25 years and two recessions, how well has our South Jersey Business Survey tracked the local economy?
Economic Insights , Volume 2 , Issue 2 , Pages 18-26

Is consolidation compatible with competition? The New York and New Jersey experience

Research Paper , Paper 9306


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