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Journal Article
The capital crunch in New England

The increase in real estate lending was a major reason for the rapid expansion of New England banks during the 1980s. When nominal real estate prices began to decline in New England, collateral became impaired and many loans stopped performing. The consequent increased provision for expected loan losses (loan loss reserves) caused a rapid deterioration in bank capital throughout the region. ; Having just lost a significant proportion of their capital, many banks tried to satisfy their capital/asset ratio requirements by shrinking their institutions. This article discusses why banks facing ...
New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 21-31

Journal Article
New England approaches the 1990s

New England Economic Review , Issue Jan , Pages 31-45

Journal Article
Lean state funding pinches budgets of New England public colleges and universities

Fiscal Facts , Issue Sum , Pages 1-2, 8

Banking structure in New England 1988-89

Research Report , Paper 71

Journal Article

Regional Review , Issue Win , Pages 18-24

College Towns and COVID-19: The Impact on New England

The abrupt closing of college campuses this spring due to the spread of COVID-19 upended the lives of students and their families and disrupted the higher education sector. The impact of these closures and the questions of whether and how to reopen campuses this fall have been widely discussed. Less attention has been paid to the potential consequences for the local economies of the cities and towns that depend heavily on higher education. This issue is particularly important in New England, where in many communities, colleges and universities are among the largest employers and make an ...
New England Public Policy Center Regional Brief , Paper 2020-3

Journal Article
Downtown New England: center cities thrive when connected to their regions

Regional Review , Issue fall , Pages 6-13

Journal Article
Are excise tax revenues a quick fix?

Fiscal Facts , Issue Fall , Pages 1-3, 8

Journal Article
New England AFDC caseloads remain high despite the recovery

Fiscal Facts , Issue Win , Pages 1-2, 8

Working Paper
The New England-China relationship in 2005

This essay provides an overview of current trade patterns between New England and China. It was prepared for a symposium sponsored by The Boston Athenaeum comparing New England?s present-day trade with China to the region?s prominence in the U.S.-China trade of the 19th century. The essay concludes that a special trade relationship between New England and China does not exist at the present time. Although New England?s exports to China are growing rapidly, they are not growing markedly faster than exports from the rest of the country, and China does not account for an unusually large fraction ...
New England Public Policy Center Working Paper , Paper 05-1


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