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The impact of migration on earnings inequality in New England

Migration plays an important role in the New England economy; absent immigration, the region?s population and workforce would have shrunk in recent years. Yet increasingly, immigrant inflows have been met with legislative opposition at both the national and regional levels, motivated in part by concerns that immigration may be an important factor driving the marked rise in earnings inequality. The research findings presented in this report, however, indicate that immigration accounts for a very small portion?only 6.0 percent?of the rising earnings inequality that the region has experienced. ...
New England Public Policy Center Research Report , Paper 19-2

Consequences of state disinvestment in public higher education: lessons for the New England states

Public higher education produces many benefits that are vital to the New England economy, but it is increasingly at risk following years of state budget cuts. States have reduced funding for higher education to address short-term budget gaps caused by recessions and long-term budget gaps attributed to the growing costs of Medicaid and public pensions. Research in this report shows that reductions in state appropriations have resulted in higher tuition and fees, greater student loan debt, decreased resources for education and research, and fewer graduates and approved patent applications from ...
New England Public Policy Center Research Report , Paper 19-1

Working Paper
The New England-China relationship in 2005

This essay provides an overview of current trade patterns between New England and China. It was prepared for a symposium sponsored by The Boston Athenaeum comparing New England?s present-day trade with China to the region?s prominence in the U.S.-China trade of the 19th century. The essay concludes that a special trade relationship between New England and China does not exist at the present time. Although New England?s exports to China are growing rapidly, they are not growing markedly faster than exports from the rest of the country, and China does not account for an unusually large fraction ...
New England Public Policy Center Working Paper , Paper 05-1

Journal Article
New England has relied heavily on vulnerable Medicaid financing arrangements

Fiscal Facts , Issue Win , Pages 1-3, 8

Journal Article
Are excise tax revenues a quick fix?

Fiscal Facts , Issue Fall , Pages 1-3, 8

Journal Article
Lean state funding pinches budgets of New England public colleges and universities

Fiscal Facts , Issue Sum , Pages 1-2, 8

Journal Article
New England AFDC caseloads remain high despite the recovery

Fiscal Facts , Issue Win , Pages 1-2, 8

Journal Article
Can guaranteed tax base formulas achieve either wealth neutrality or spending equality? (Accountability and education reform, part 2)

Fiscal Facts , Issue Spr , Pages 1-5, 12

Journal Article
Do New England's public schools need finance reform? (Accountability and education reform, part 1)

Fiscal Facts , Issue Fall , Pages 1-5

Gross state product: New England, 1969-1986

Monograph , Paper 6


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