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Journal Article
Explaining the bust

Regional Review , Issue Win , Pages 19-24

Journal Article
Unemployment insurance policy in New England: background and issues

Almost two-thirds of the states, and all the New England states except New Hampshire, have exhausted their unemployment insurance trust fund and borrowed from the federal government at least once during the past 35 years. Under such circumstances, states are required by law to raise unemployment insurance taxes in order to replenish their trust funds and to pay off their debts to the federal government. Since higher unemployment insurance taxes increase employer costs, replenishment forces states into a trade-off between economic competitiveness and trust fund adequacy. In recent years, ...
New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 3-22

Journal Article
The Lowell high-tech success story: what went wrong?

Ten years ago Lowell, Massachusetts was a high-tech success story. After several decades of stagnation, the Lowell area had emerged as a thriving center for high-technology employment. The Lowell story was viewed as a "model for reindustrialization" for older cities throughout the world. In recent years Lowell has once again become the focus of international attention, this time as an example of a failed economic development strategy. Widespread layoffs and plant closings within its computer industry, particularly the collapse of Wang Laboratories, have dealt a crushing blow to the local ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 57-70

Journal Article
The cost of doing business

Regional Review , Issue fall , Pages 14-19

Journal Article
Are we experiencing a credit crunch?

In his statement before the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy of the Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs on the availability of credit, Bank President Richard F. Syron discusses the "credit crunch." He describes how developments in the financial and real sectors of the economy led to restricted credit availability, and why the situation has become particularly acute in New England. ; Mr. Syron concludes by considering the outlook for the future, cautioning against making the 1990s a period of excessive credit contraction, a mirror image of the mid 1980s when expectations ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Jul , Pages 3-10

Recent Trends in Residential Segregation in New England

Residential segregation in Boston has drawn considerable attention in recent years, but much less notice has been given to the issue with respect to the rest of New England. This regional brief focuses on residential segregation between all minority groups and non-Hispanic white residents in metro areas throughout the region. New England’s population is predominately non-Hispanic white; however, the region has diversified considerably since 1990, as most of the population growth has occurred among minority groups. Residential segregation by race/ethnicity declined over that same period in ...
New England Public Policy Center Regional Brief , Paper 2020-01

Journal Article
Small business lending in New England

New England Banking Trends , Issue Sum , Pages 3-8

Journal Article
The new New Englanders

Regional Review , Issue Win , Pages 12-18

Journal Article
How diversified is New England?

Despite steady growth in the United States economy over the past eight years, several regions of the country have suffered severe economic slumps. Oil-producing and agricultural states in particular have experienced economic conditions that usually occur only during national recessions. Lack of diversity in the economies of these regions contributed to their economic problems. ; Recently, it has been New Englands turn; its economic performance has deteriorated significantly. This article examines the diversity of the New England economy. The author finds that New England has a diverse ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Nov , Pages 3-16

Journal Article
Embracing the enemy

Regional Review , Issue Win , Pages 12-17


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