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Journal Article
Money market mutual funds : a reaction to government regulations or a lasting financial innovation?

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Economic Review , Volume 65 , Issue Jul

Journal Article
Average costs of money market mutual funds

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Economic Review , Volume 65 , Issue Jul , Pages 32-39

A cross-sectional analysis of mutual funds' market timing and security selection skill

Research Paper , Paper 9014

How well do asset allocation managers allocate assets?

Research Paper , Paper 9021

What moves the discount on country equity funds?

Research Paper , Paper 9324

Excess capacity in the mutual fund industry

Research Paper , Paper 9318

Working Paper
Why do analysts continue to provide favorable coverage for seasoned stocks?

Research has documented that the first report an investment bank affiliated analyst issues on a newly listed stock tends to be favorable. Our analysis of 16,824 relationships between analyst teams and established listed companies during 1995-2003 indicates that analyst coverage decisions of seasoned stocks are influenced by their affiliations with investment banks and mutual funds. Controlling for market returns, stock characteristics, and a variety of performance indicators, we find analysts are more likely to issue favorable reports when the stock is held by affiliated mutual funds. The ...
Working Papers , Paper 2006-034

Journal Article
Mutual appeal: banks and investors flock to mutual funds

With the recent decline in bank deposits, many bankers see mutual funds as a natural extension of their product lines that allows them to perform better in an increasingly competitive market.
Cross Sections , Volume 11 , Issue Fall , Pages 25-30

Journal Article
Mutual funds, part I: reshaping the American financial system

Since the mid 1980s the mutual fund industry has enjoyed explosive growth in the number of funds, the types of funds available, and total assets under management. Much of this growth is the result of the increasing convenience offered to owners of long-term assets. Mutual funds offer portfolio diversification and financial research unavailable to the individual investor. They do this in an economical way through economies of scale, and they provide liquidity not available to the owner of individual shares or debt instruments. It should come as no surprise that the proportion of equity and ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Jul , Pages 45-72

Journal Article
Mutual funds, part II: fund flows and security returns

Mutual funds played a very small role in the financial system until the 1970s, before which ownership of financial instruments was dominated by commercial banks, thrift institutions, insurance companies, and pension funds. The financial system of the 1990s is not simply the system of the 1970s with more mutual funds, however. Evolution in financial laws and regulations, increasing global interactions, the rise of new financial instruments, major shifts in the structure and nature of financial institutions, and a change in the locus of risk-bearing from institutions to individuals have also ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Jan , Pages 3-22



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