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Keywords:Mutual funds 

Conference Paper
The role of nonbanks in commercial lending

Proceedings , Paper 285

Journal Article
Current topics: interest rate and liquidity risk in today’s environment; money market mutual funds (MMFs); residential mortgage update; SR 11-9 (authentication supplement) and account takeover fraud

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's supervision group follows current and emerging risk trends on an on-going basis. This Risk Perspectives newsletter is designed to highlight a few current risk topics and some potential risk topics on the horizon for the Seventh District and its supervised financial institutions. The newsletter is not intended as an exhaustive list of the current or potential risk topics and should not be relied upon as such. We encourage each of our supervised financial institutions to remain informed about current and potential risks to its institution.
Risk Perspectives , Issue 3rd Q

Conference Paper
Symposium on mutual funds and monetary aggregates - commentary

Proceedings , Issue Nov , Pages 53-78

Working Paper
Managerial incentives and financial contagion

This paper proposes a framework to examine the comovements of asset prices with seemingly unrelated fundamentals, as an outcome of the optimal portfolio strategies of large institutional fund managers. In emerging markets, the dominant presence of dedicated fund managers whose compensation is linked to the outperformance of their portfolio relative to a benchmark index, and of global fund managers whose compensation is linked to the absolute returns of their portfolios, leads to portfolio decisions that result in systematic interactions between asset prices even in the absence of asymmetric ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-03-21

Journal Article
Symposium on mutual funds and monetary aggregates - commentary

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 53-78

Working Paper
Star power: the effect of Morningstar ratings on mutual fund flows

Morningstar, Inc., has been hailed in both academic and practitioner circles as having the most influential rating system in the mutual fund industry. We investigate Morningstar's influence by estimating the value of a star in terms of the asset flow it generates for the typical fund. We use event-study methods on a sample of 3,388 domestic equity mutual funds from November 1996 to October 1999 to isolate the 'Morningstar effect' from other influences on fund flow. ; We separately study initial rating events, whereby a fund is rated for the first time on its 36-month anniversary, and rating ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 2001-15

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, March 8, 1994 (actions of the Federal Reserve Board to regulate bank sales of mutual funds)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May

Journal Article
An alternative monetary aggregate: M2 plus household holdings of bond and equity mutual funds

Review , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Recission of staff interpretative letter

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct , Pages 907-908

Journal Article
Will the mutual fund boom be a bust for banks?

The Regional Economist , Issue Oct , Pages 12-13



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