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Journal Article
Stripdowns and bankruptcy: lessons from agricultural bankruptcy reform

One type of financial reform being proposed to deal with the aftermath of the housing crisis is allowing bankruptcy judges the authority to modify residential mortgages in a way referred to as a stripdown. The reform is seen by some as a partial solution to the rise in foreclosures and as a Pandora?s box by others. But the debate is not new one. The 1980s farm foreclosure crisis sparked similar proposals and concerns. Congress decided to enact legislation that contained a stripdown provision, resulting in the creation of Chapter 12 in the bankruptcy code. The effects of Chapter 12 stripdown ...
Economic Commentary , Issue Aug

Conference Paper
Do corporate loans sold to CLOs underperform unsecurities loans

Proceedings , Paper 1125

Journal Article
Addressing mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures

Numerous programs, partnerships and other efforts--led by public, private and nonprofit organizations--are under way to reduce the number of delinquencies and foreclosures.
e-Perspectives , Issue 1

Journal Article
Cloud over commercial real estate is slowly lifting in Texas

Every segment of the Texas commercial property sector suffered during the recession of 2009. Demand withered for space in offices, warehouses and retail centers, pushing up vacancy rates and lowering rental rates. Private nonresidential construction dropped sharply, reaching near-record lows. The global financial crisis temporarily brought lending to a halt. Commercial-mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) lending dried up in Texas and the U.S. as it became clear that repackaging suspect loans didn't lower risk. Banks also became wary of adding CRE loans to their books, especially in Texas, where ...
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 10-13, 16

Journal Article
Streamlining the mortgage approval process in Indian country

Community Investments , Volume 20 , Issue Spr , Pages 19-20, 22

Journal Article
Repairing the damage

TEN , Issue Spr , Pages 20-27

Working Paper
Bank branch presence and access to credit in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods

Banks specialize in lending to informationally opaque borrowers by collecting soft information about them. Some researchers claim that this process requires a physical presence in the market to lower information collection costs. The author provides evidence in support of this argument in the mortgage market for low-income borrowers. Mortgage originations increase and interest spreads decline when there is a bank branch located in a low-to-moderate income neighborhood.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 0616

Working Paper
An analysis of the neighborhood impacts of a mortgage assistance program: a spatial hedonic model

Down-payment or closing-cost assistance is an effective program in addressing the wealth constraints of low- and moderate-income homebuyers. However, the spillover effect of such programs on the neighborhood is unknown. This paper estimates the impact of the City of Dallas Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) on nearby home values using a hedonic model of home sales from 1990 to 2006. We define neighborhoods of 1,000 feet around each sale and estimate the average differences in sales prices between neighborhoods with various numbers of MAP properties before and after their appearance. We find ...
Working Papers , Paper 1001

Working Paper
House-price expectations, alternative mortgage products, and default

August 2013, Revised December 2014 Rapid house-price depreciation and rising unemployment were the main drivers of the huge increase in mortgage default during the downturn years of 2007 to 2010. However, mortgage default was also associated with an increased reliance on alternative mortgage products such as pay-option and interest-only adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), which allow the borrower to defer principal amortization. The goal of this paper is to better understand the forces that spurred use of alternative mortgages during the housing boom and the resulting impact on default ...
Working Papers , Paper 15-1



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