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Journal Article
The LIBOR-OIS spread as a summary indicator

Monetary Trends , Issue Nov

Responses to the financial crisis, treasury debt, and the impact on short-term money markets

Several programs have been introduced by U.S. fiscal and monetary authorities in response to the financial crisis. We examine the responses involving Treasury debt?the Term Securities Lending Facility (TSLF), the Supplemental Financing Program, increases in Treasury issuance, and open market operations?and their impacts on the overnight Treasury general collateral repo rate, a key money market rate. Our contribution is to consider each policy in light of the others, both to help guide policy responses to future crises and to emphasize policy interactions. Only the TSLF was designed to ...
Staff Reports , Paper 481

Money markets and common monetary policy in France, Germany and Italy

Research Paper , Paper 9212

Journal Article
Influence of credit and monetary measures on economic stability

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar

Journal Article
What the Libor-OIS spread says

Libor-OIS remains a barometer of fears of bank insolvency.
Economic Synopses

Working Paper
Determinants of the spread between Treasury bill and private sector money market rates

The purpose of this paper is to explore the reasons underlying the variable and sometimes very large differentials between United States Treasury bill rates and private sector U.S. money market rates of comparable maturity.
Working Paper , Paper 79-04

The discount window


Journal Article
Treasury bill versus private money market yield curves

An abstract for this article is not available
Economic Review , Volume 72 , Issue Jul , Pages 3-12


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