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Keywords:Monetary policy - United States 

Journal Article
The response of real output and inflation to monetary policy

Economic Review , Issue Sum , Pages 45-70

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, February 24, 1999 (semi-annual monetary policy report)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr , Pages 243-250

Conference Paper
The international role of the dollar

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
Statements to Congress, February 20, 22, 1990(monetary policy)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr , Pages 215-222

Journal Article
Temple secrets

FRBSF Economic Letter

U.S. monetary policy and the path to normalization

Presented in London, U.K. Addressed members of various financial institutions on Wednesday at the UBS Macro Dinner in London.
Speech , Paper 175

Journal Article
Excessive demand slowing?

Review , Volume 50 , Issue Sep , Pages 2-5

Journal Article
Monetary policy report to the Congress, February 27, 2002

Last year was a difficult one for the economy of the United States. The slowdown in the growth of economic activity that had become apparent in late 2000 intensified in the first half of 2001, as businesses slashed investment spending and declines in manufacturing output steepened. Foreign economies also slowed, further reducing the demand for U.S. production. The aggressive actions by the Federal Reserve to ease the stance of monetary policy in the first half of the year provided support to consumer spending and the housing sector. Nevertheless, the weakening in activity became more ...
Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar , Pages 143-172

Journal Article
Federal Reserve credibility and inflation scares

We develop a simple, quantitative model of the U.S. economy to demonstrate how an "inflation scare " may occur when the Federal Reserve lacks full credibility. In particular, we show that the long-term nominal interest rate may undergo a sudden increase if an adverse movement in the inflation rate triggers a deterioration in the public's beliefs about the Federal Reserve's commitment to maintaining low inflation in the future. We find that simulations from our model capture some observed patterns of U.S. interest rates in the 1980s.
Economic Review



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