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Working Paper
Designing Unemployment Insurance for Developing Countries

The high incidence of informality in the labor markets of middle-income economies challenges the provision of unemployment protection. We show that, despite informational frictions, introducing an unemployment insurance savings account (UISA) system may provide substantial benefits. This system improves welfare by providing insurance to the unemployed and creating incentives to work in the formal sector. The optimal scheme generates a reduction in unemployment (from 4 to 3 percent), an increase in formality (from 68 to 72 percent), and a rise in total output (by 4 percent). Overall, ...
Working Papers , Paper 2018-006

Working Paper
Private payments systems in historical perspective: the Banco Central system of Mexico.

Payments systems have grown considerably and have become increasingly complex, prompting regulators to reassess their roles and renewing interest in historical experiences with payments systems. In this paper, I study the Banco Central System of Mexico, which was a bank note par redemption and clearing system for other payments that operated in Mexico City from 1899 until 1913. I first describe the origins of the Banco Central System. I then consider whether it became prone to behavioral problems, as some observers contended. I find that although Banco Central was less well-positioned to ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 599

Journal Article
Policy priorities and the Mexican exchange rate crisis

Mexico's December 1994 devaluation and subsequent financial crisis came as a surprise even to some analysts who focus on Latin American financial markets. This article outlines the events leading up to the devaluation and discusses the tension that mounted throughout 1994 between policies to address growing banking-sector problems in Mexico, the policies designed to preserve the nation's exchange rate regime, and the pressures induced by rising U.S. interest rates. The article concludes that-while each difficulty impeded the resolution of the other-the explosive nature of the ensuing crisis ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q I , Pages 19-29

Conference Paper
Risk and financial development: a comparative case study of Mexico and Indonesia


Journal Article
New boom on the border

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Participation by the Federal Reserve and Treasury in near-term contingency support for Mexico's reserves

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct , Pages 702

Conference Paper
Toward free trade: how far South can we go?


A perspective on Mexico

Remarks for the Jose Cuervo Tequila Talk, Institute of the Americas, La Jolla, California, April 5, 2006 ; "For Mexico and the U.S. states along its border, the stakes are high. Geographic proximity to the United States and ease of transport are key aspects of Mexico's comparative advantage vis-a-vis nations in Asia and Eastern Europe. A loss of competitiveness in Mexico is a loss for the entire border economy, where so much of our growth is linked to expansion on the more populous Mexican side. We must pay greater attention to the changes in infrastructure, regulations and other areas that ...
Speeches and Essays , Paper 75

Working Paper
The risks and implications of external financial shocks: lessons from Mexico

The lessons from the 1994-95 Mexican peso crisis are examined from the perspective of creditors and their markets, countries that are recipients of large capital inflows, and the functioning of the international system as a whole. From each of these perspectives, recent changes in the financial world are sketched, lessons from the Mexican experience are derived, and implications for policies are considered.
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 535

Journal Article
U.S.-Mexico trade: sectors and regions

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