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Journal Article
Lessons from variations in state Medicaid expenditures

Because Medicaid is absorbing a large and growing share of government spending in every state, policymakers are under intense pressure to control the cost of this budget-breaking program. In search of clues concerning Medicaid cost containment, this article examines state data on per-recipient Medicaid spending by type of service. This effort suggests focusing on nursing homes, because per-recipient payments to these institutions are highly variable across states. Indeed, the article concludes that a key explanation for cross-state differences in per-recipient Medicaid expenses is the ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Jan , Pages 43-66

Journal Article
Rx for aging health care facilities

Health care capital investment has surged across most of the district, but the wish list isn't necessarily getting any shorter.
Fedgazette , Volume 19 , Issue Jan , Pages 1-4

Journal Article
Medical care prices indexes

Economic Quarterly , Issue Fall , Pages 69-89

Reining in Medicaid spending--states respond to declining revenues

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Mar

Working Paper
The structure of supervision and pay in hospitals

An examination of the intensity of supervision in the workplace and its effect on the pay of nonsupervisory employees through the use a wage survey of the hospital industry.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 8907

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, April 20, 1998, (reassessment of the Medicare program).

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jun

Journal Article
Drug prices under the medicare drug discount card program

In early 2004, the U.S. government initiated the Medicare Drug Discount Card Program (MDDCP), which allowed card subscribers to obtain discounts on prescription drugs. Pharmacy-level prices were posted on the program website weekly with the hope or promoting competition among card sponsors by facilitating consumer access to prices. A large panel of pharmacy-level price data collected from this website indicates that price dispersion across cards persisted throughout the program. Prices declined initially when consumers were choosing cards, but rose later when subscribers were restricted to ...
Review , Volume 90 , Issue Nov , Pages 643-666

Working Paper
Medicaid insurance in old age

Medicaid was primarily designed to protect and insure the poor against medical shocks. Yet, poorer people tend to live shorter lifespans and incur lower medical expenses before death than richer people. Taking these and other important dimensions of heterogeneity into account, and carefully modeling key institutional aspects, we estimate a structural model of savings and endogenous medical expenses to assess the costs and benefits of Medicaid for single retirees. ; We show that even higher-income retirees benefit from Medicaid, if they live long enough for their resources to be depleted by ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-2012-13

Working Paper
Factors contributing to rapid growth in national expenditures on health care

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 182


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