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Journal Article
Big business — big transformation

EconSouth , Volume 2 , Issue Q3 , Pages 2-7

Journal Article
Unequal incomes, unequal outcomes? Economic inequality and measures of well-being: proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, May 7, 1999

These are the proceedings of a conference organized to focus on the evolution of more direct measures of the material well-being of Americans. Of particular concern was the impact of income inequality on trends in health, housing, and crime victimization. Conference participants also examined some of the changes in policymakers' responses to these trends, especially in the areas of education financing and local governance. Finally, the participants discussed efforts to evaluate the social consequences of policy reforms and offered some guidelines on the best direction for future research and ...
Economic Policy Review , Volume 5 , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Banks building markets by building communities

Banks, their customers and the local community share the long-term benefits of meaningful community investments.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 1 , Pages 3-8

Journal Article
The cost of living: Health care spending is higher than ever and still climbing

Fedgazette , Volume 14 , Issue May , Pages 1-3

Journal Article
Enterprise liability: a prescription for health care reform?

A look at how the cost and quality of medical services in the United States would be affected by enterprise liability, a malpractice reform proposal that would 1) transfer liability in malpractice cases from the doctor to the patient's health care plan and 2) institute no-fault malpractice insurance.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jul

Journal Article
Public health and the public agenda

This paper was presented as the distinguished address at the conference "Unequal incomes, unequal outcomes? Economic inequality and measures of well-being." The conference was held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on May 7, 1999. The author examines health issues, observing that infant mortality rates for African-Americans are twice as high as they are for white Americans; Chinese-Americans are four to five times more likely to suffer from liver cancer than other Americans; and Latinos and Native Americans develop diabetes at a rate twice and three times the U.S. average, ...
Economic Policy Review , Volume 5 , Issue Sep , Pages 43-47

The national and regional economic outlook

Remarks at the Center for Economic Development, Syracuse, New York.
Speech , Paper 79

Journal Article
Mandatory and affordable health insurance

This paper asserts that America's health care system is broken and cannot be repaired with timid half-measures. It suggests that we need both universal coverage and a more efficient delivery system and that these are not competing objectives: Each is necessary to make the other possible. It further states that if we do not make health care more affordable and our delivery system more efficient and sustainable, a majority of Americans will be uninsured in short order. And the persistence of millions of uninsured impairs the efficiency we need to make health care and insurance affordable for ...
Regional Economic Development , Issue Oct , Pages 24-28

Working Paper
Competition and specialization in the hospital industry: an application of Hotelling's location model

Working Papers , Paper 94-27

Journal Article
Health care reform from a generational perspective

An analysis of the intergenerational tax burdens that are likely to arise under the Clinton administration's health care reform proposal as well as under two alternative plans, examining the potential redistributive effects of each.
Economic Commentary , Issue Apr



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