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Keywords:Manufacturing industries 

Journal Article
Manufacturing revs up Mobile

EconSouth , Volume 10 , Issue 2

Journal Article
Manufacturing and construction decline in the ranks of top 10 employers

The Regional Economist , Issue Oct , Pages 14-16

Journal Article
Putting U.S. manufacturing in perspective

EconSouth , Volume 8 , Issue Q 2

Journal Article
Following a solid 2008, district manufactured exports expected to slow in 2009

Fedgazette , Volume 21 , Issue May , Pages 14-15

Journal Article
Industrial cities initiative: working paper summary

"Rust Belt" is an epitaph for cities large and small throughout America's midwestern and northeastern regions. It encapsulates social and economic changes: "population loss, rising crime rates, loss of union jobs particularly in manufacturing, White flights to the suburbs, and a generally declining urban environment," in which massive, but abandoned factories rusted away and scarred the landscape of once vibrant cities.
Profitwise , Issue Aug , Pages 2-17

Journal Article
The maquiladora's changing geography

A lack of data has limited our understanding of the distribution of maquiladora activity. Recently, Mexico's chief statistical agency provided previously unpublished information that will allow us to draw a more detailed portrait. ; We take a preliminary look at where specific maquiladora activities take place within Mexico. Then we examine changes in location since 1990, finding that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other trade pacts have been the most important factors reshaping patterns of maquiladora employment.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 10-14

Journal Article
Financial position of manufacturing and trade in relation to size and profitability, 1946

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Sep , Pages 1091-1102

Working Paper
Micro data and macro technology

We study the implications of microeconomic heterogeneity for aggregate technology, showing that the aggregate elasticity of substitution between capital and labor can be expressed as a simple function of plant level structural parameters and sufficient statistics for plant heterogeneity. This allows for a new approach to estimating the aggregate elasticity using microeconomic data and allows us to examine how the aggregate elasticity varies over time or across countries. We then use plant level data from the Census of Manufactures to construct an aggregate elasticity of substitution for the ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-2012-11

Journal Article
A revised index of manufacturing capacity

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov , Pages 1605-1615

Journal Article
Regional update : high energy prices spur economy despite growing labor shortages

Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 15


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