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Journal Article
Gauging manufacturing activity: the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's survey of manufacturers

Economic Quarterly , Issue Win , Pages 79-98

Working Paper
Outstanding outsourcers: a firm- and plant-level analysis of production sharing

This paper examines the differences in characteristics between outsourcers and non-outsourcers with a particular focus on productivity. The measure of outsourcing comes from a question in the 1987 and 1992 Census of Manufactures regarding plant-level purchases of foreign intermediate materials. There are two key findings. First, outsourcers are "outstanding." That is, all else equal, outsourcers tend to have premia for plant and firm characteristics, such as being larger, more capital intensive, and more productive. One exception to this outsourcing premia is that wages tend to be the same ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2006-04

Midwest manufacturing and trade with China

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Effects of the lower dollar on U.S. manufacturing: industry and state comparisons

Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Mar , Pages 1-9

Journal Article
Factor utilization and margins for adjusting output: evidence from manufacturing plants

This paper describes patterns of factor utilization and output adjustment at the plant level for a wide range of manufacturing industries. We explain why manufacturing plants may differ quite a bit in how they accomplish output adjustments, depending on shutdown cost aspects of technology. Assembly-type operations with low shutdown costs would primarily vary the work period of the plant, whereas continuous processing plants with large shutdown costs would adjust instantaneous flow rates of production. For larger output increases, a lengthening of the work period by assemblers would entail ...
Economic Review

Working Paper
Why is manufacturing trade rising even as manufacturing output is falling?

Working Papers , Paper 04-4

Journal Article
The trade balance effects of foreign direct investment in U.S. manufacturing

With the rise in foreign direct investment in U.S. manufacturing during the 1980s, the affiliates of foreign multinationals have become potentially important sources of improved U.S. international competitiveness. This article describes the growing foreign presence in the U.S. manufacturing sector and identifies the channels through which foreign investment is most likely to influence exports and imports. The author presents estimates of the long-term trade balance effects of increased foreign ownership of U.S. manufacturing firms.
Quarterly Review , Volume 16 , Issue Sum , Pages 63-76

Journal Article
The relationship between manufacturing production and goods output

The sharp divergence in the 2001 recession between two key economic indicators-manufacturing production and goods output-could suggest that one indicator is flawed, casting doubt on the reliability of its overall series. This analysis finds no evidence of error. Rather, the strength of spending on consumer-relative to capital-goods and the growth of merchandising services in the sale of consumer goods more likely explain the recent deviation.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 10 , Issue Aug

Working Paper
Monetary policy shocks and price stickiness: an analysis of price and output responses to policy in manufacturing industries

This paper uses annual data on 450 SIC four-digit manufacturing industries obtained from the NBER Manufacturing Productivity Database to examine how manufacturing industries respond to unanticipated changes in the federal funds rate. The analysis proceeds in three stages. First, industry price and output responses to unanticipated changes in the federal funds rate are examined. Second, the effect of industry characteristics on these responses is analyzed. Finally, the paper assesses whether particular industry characteristics are associated with price rigidity or interest rate sensitivity. ...
Research Working Paper , Paper 96-07



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