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Journal Article
Fifth district indexes of manufacturing output

Monthly indexes of U.S. manufacturing output are not generally available for individual states or for specific regions of the country. In this article we present new monthly indexes of manufacturing output for the period 1979 through 1987 for the Fifth Federal Reserve District, its individual states, and three of its major industriestextiles, chemicals, and electric equipment.
Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue May , Pages 23-33

Journal Article
Changes in manufacturing employment in North Carolina counties, 1980-1985

Does an inappropriate industry mix and structure condemn rural areas to a competitive disadvantage with respect to urban areas? This study of employment changes from 1980-85 in North Carolina counties suggests not.
Economic Review , Volume 75 , Issue Sep , Pages 37-46

Journal Article
Manufacturing productivity and high-tech investment

This article examines the theoretical and statistical connections between the productivity upsurge in U.S. manufacturing in the 1980s and manufacturing investment in computers and other forms of high-tech equipment.
Quarterly Review , Volume 17 , Issue Sum

Journal Article
Assessing the exchange rate's impact on U.S. manufacturing profits

Few studies have investigated how the large and persistent swings of the dollar over the past two decades have affected the profits of U.S. manufacturing firms. Using an econometric model of manufacturing profits, this article evaluates the overall impact of exchange rate changes on aggregate profits and the profits of exporting and import-competing firms.
Quarterly Review , Volume 17 , Issue Win , Pages 44-63

Journal Article
The effect of imports on U.S. manufacturing wages

U.S. imports of manufactured goods increased rapidly between 1975 and 1985. During the same period, real wages of U.S. manufacturing workers stagnated. The author investigates whether the increased competition from imports affected earnings within industries and contributed to the sluggish growth of aggregate manufacturing wages.
Quarterly Review , Volume 16 , Issue Spr

Journal Article
The shifting composition of U.S. manufactured goods trade

Finished goods are claiming an increasing share of U.S. imports, while their share of U.S. exports has remained virtually unchanged in recent years. These divergent developments may suggest some erosion of the United States' traditionally strong competitive position in the production of finished goods. The author examines the factors underlying shifts in our trade composition and the implications of recent trends for the nation's trade outlook and competitiveness.
Quarterly Review , Volume 16 , Issue Spr

Journal Article
The trade balance effects of foreign direct investment in U.S. manufacturing

With the rise in foreign direct investment in U.S. manufacturing during the 1980s, the affiliates of foreign multinationals have become potentially important sources of improved U.S. international competitiveness. This article describes the growing foreign presence in the U.S. manufacturing sector and identifies the channels through which foreign investment is most likely to influence exports and imports. The author presents estimates of the long-term trade balance effects of increased foreign ownership of U.S. manufacturing firms.
Quarterly Review , Volume 16 , Issue Sum , Pages 63-76

Journal Article
Tracking the economy with the purchasing managers' index

The purchasing managers' index is a widely watched but virtually untested indicator of manufacturing activity. This article examines how well the index lives up to its billing as a leading indicator. The author also explores whether the index supplies information about the economy beyond that already provided by other indicators.
Quarterly Review , Volume 16 , Issue Aut

Journal Article
Union concessions in the 1980s

Quarterly Review , Volume 14 , Issue Sum

Journal Article
The competitiveness of U.S. manufactured goods: recent changes and prospects

Quarterly Review , Volume 13 , Issue Spr



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