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Keywords:Loans, Foreign 

When is U.S. bank lending to emerging markets volatile?

Using bank-specific data on U.S. bank claims on individual foreign countries since the mid-1980s, this paper 1) characterizes the size and portfolio diversification patterns of the U.S. banks engaging in foreign lending, and 2) econometrically explores the determinants of fluctuations in U.S. bank claims on a broad set of countries. U.S. bank claims on Latin American and Asian emerging markets, and on industrialized countries, are sensitive to U.S. macroeconomic conditions. When the United States grows rapidly, there is substitution between claims on industrialized countries and claims on the ...
Staff Reports , Paper 119

Monetary policy under sudden stops

This paper proposes a model to investigate the effects of monetary policy in an emerging market economy that experiences a sudden stop of capital inflows. The model features credit frictions, debt denominated in foreign currency, imported inputs, and households that have access to the international capital market only indirectly, through their ownership of leveraged firms. The sudden stop is modeled as a change in the perceptions of foreign lenders that brings about an increase in the cost of borrowing. I show that the higher the elasticity of foreign demand, the lower the contraction in ...
Staff Reports , Paper 278

Global banks and international shock transmission: evidence from the crisis

Global banks played a significant role in transmitting the 2007-09 financial crisis to emerging-market economies. We examine adverse liquidity shocks on main developed-country banking systems and their relationships to emerging markets across Europe, Asia, and Latin America, isolating loan supply from loan demand effects. Loan supply in emerging markets across Europe, Asia, and Latin America was affected significantly through three separate channels: 1) a contraction in direct, cross-border lending by foreign banks; 2) a contraction in local lending by foreign banks' affiliates in emerging ...
Staff Reports , Paper 446

Journal Article
International "middle-market" borrowing

Quarterly Review , Volume 11 , Issue Win

Journal Article
A balanced approach to the LDC debt problem

Quarterly Review , Volume 13 , Issue Spr

Loan swaps and the LDC debt problem

Research Paper , Paper 8615

Latin American international loan defaults in the 1930s: lessons for the 1980s?

Research Paper , Paper 8812

Prospects for LDC debt management: debt reduction versus debt forgiveness

Research Paper , Paper 8826

Voluntary conversions of LDC debt

Research Paper , Paper 8903

Journal Article
LDC debt rescheduling: calculating who gains, who loses

Business Review , Issue Nov , Pages 13-23


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