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Journal Article
Loan commitments to business in United States banking history

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 61 , Issue Sep , Pages 15-23

Journal Article
A time series analysis of business loans at large commercial banks

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 61 , Issue May , Pages 8-14

Working Paper
Loan regulation and child labor in rural India

We study the impact of loan regulation in rural India on child labor with an overlapping-generations model of formal and informal lending, human capital accumulation, adverse selection, and differentiated risk types. Specifically, we build a model economy that replicates the current outcome with a loan rate cap and no lender discrimination by risk using a survey of rural lenders. Households borrow primarily from informal moneylenders and use child labor. Removing the rate cap and allowing lender discrimination markedly increases capital use, eliminates child labor, and improves welfare of all ...
Working Papers , Paper 2012-027

Working Paper
Loan guarantees for consumer credit markets

Loan guarantees are arguably the most widely used policy intervention in credit markets, especially for consumers. This may be natural, as they have several features that, a priori, suggest that they might be particularly effective in improving allocations. However, despite this, little is actually known about the size of their effects on prices, allocations, and welfare. ; In this paper, we provide a quantitative assessment of loan guarantees, in the context of unsecured consumption loans. Our work is novel as it studies loan guarantees in a rich dynamic model where credit allocation is ...
Working Paper , Paper 11-06

Financial Positions of U.S. Public Corporations: Part 5, The Main Street Lending Program: Potential Benefits and Costs

This blog post is the fifth in a series that discusses how the current pandemic affects the financial positions of publicly traded U.S. corporations, the potential implications of these financial developments, and the federal policy response. In this post, we study the economic benefits and costs of the Main Street Lending Program, created by the Federal Reserve to support corporations during this crisis. We make four points, which reflect our analysis and are not the views of the Federal Reserve System or the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. First, the main potential benefit of this program ...
Chicago Fed Insights

Journal Article
Hope on credit: microlending comes to the U.S.

Regional Review , Volume 8 , Issue Q 4 , Pages 18-24

Conference Paper
Legal risk as a determinant of syndicate structure in the project finance loan market

This paper examines how legal risk, defined as the strength of creditor rights and legal enforcement, affects debt ownership concentration in the project finance loan market. Using a sample of 495 project finance loan tranches from 61 countries, worth $151 billion, we document high levels of debt ownership concentration: the largest single bank holds 20.3% while the top five banks collectively hold 61.2% of a typical project finance loan tranche. We also show that weak creditor rights and poor legal enforcement are associated with more diffuse ownership structures, which leads us to conclude ...
Proceedings , Paper 831

Conference Paper
Tying knots: lending to win equity underwriting business

This article examines the practice of ?tying,? which occurs when an underwriter lends to an issuer around the time of a public securities offering. We examine whether there are efficiencies from tying lending and underwriting which lead to benefits for issuers and underwriters. We find evidence consistent with tying occurring for issues when there are informational economies of scope from combining lending and underwriting. Firms benefit from tying through lower financing costs, as tied issuers receive lower underwriter fees on seasoned equity offerings and discounted loan yield spreads. ...
Proceedings , Paper 944

Conference Paper
The small business lending relationship: session B (discussion comments)

Proceedings , Paper 763

Conference Paper
Racial differences in patterns of small business finance: the importance of local geography

Proceedings , Paper 775



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