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Journal Article
Recent trends in commercial bank loan sales

The dollar volume of commercial bank loan sales rose rapidly in the mid-1980s but has declined equally rapidly over the past few years. This article provides insight into these loan sales trends by looking beyond the aggregate data and separately examining the sales activities of the largest loan sellers and those of all other banks.
Quarterly Review , Volume 18 , Issue Win

Economic conditions, lending opportunities, and loan sales

Research Paper , Paper 9403

Bank loan sales: a new look at the motivations for secondary market activity

Bank lending traditionally involves the extension of credit that is held by the originating bank until maturity. Loan sales allow banks to deviate from this pattern by transferring loans in part or in their entirety from their own books to those of another institution. This paper uses a new methodology to test the validity of two hypotheses regarding banks' motivations for selling and buying loans: (1) the comparative advantage hypothesis, that banks with a comparative advantage in originating loans sell and those with a comparative advantage in funding loans buy, and (2) the diversification ...
Staff Reports , Paper 69

Journal Article
Will the securitization revolution spread?

The Region , Volume 9 , Issue Sep , Pages 22-31

Conference Paper
Public policy and the evolution of banking markets

Proceedings , Paper 237

Conference Paper
The paradox of loan sales

Proceedings , Paper 151

Conference Paper
Why commercial banks sell loans: an empirical analysis

Proceedings , Paper 152

Conference Paper
The loan asset sales market, what lies ahead?

Proceedings , Paper 286

Conference Paper
Off-balance sheet activities and the underinvestment problem in banking

Proceedings , Paper 200


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