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Keywords:Liquidity (Economics) 

Working Paper
The liquidity effect in the federal funds market: evidence from daily open market operations

We use forecast errors made by the Federal Reserve while preparing open market operations to identify a liquidity effect at a daily frequency in the federal funds market. Unlike Hamilton (1997), we find a liquidity effect on many days of the reserve maintenance period besides settlement day. The effect is non-linear; large changes in supply have a measurable effect, but small changes do not. In addition, a higher aggregate level of reserve balances in the banking system is associated with a smaller liquidity effect during the maintenance period but a larger liquidity effect on the last days ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2004-61

Churchill, Baruch, Lindsay Lohan, Congress and the Fed

Remarks at the Institute of International Bankers Annual Washington Conference, Washington, D.C., March 7, 2011 ; "I argued against the $600 billion extension [buying U.S. Treasuries] the voters on the FOMC approved last November. And I remain doubtful enough as to its efficacy that if at any time between now and June, it should prove demonstrably counterproductive, I will vote to curtail or perhaps discontinue it."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 87

Working Paper
The identification of monetary policy disturbances: explaining the liquidity puzzle

Replaces Working paper 91-24.
Working Paper Series, Macroeconomic Issues , Paper 92-27

Money, interest rates, and exchange rates with endogenously segmented markets

This paper analyzes the effects of money injections on interest rates and exchange rates in a model in which agents must pay a Baumol-Tobin style fixed cost to exchange bonds and money. Asset markets are endogenously segmented because this fixed cost leads agents to trade bonds and money only infrequently. When the government injects money through an open market operation, only those agents that are currently trading absorb these injections. Through their impact on these agents? consumption, these money injections affect real interest rates and real exchange rates. We show that the model ...
Staff Report , Paper 278

Conference Paper
Comments on a credit market turmoil: causes, consequences, and cures

Proceedings , Paper 1086

Journal Article
Examining the Federal Reserve's new liquidity measures

The Fed has taken a number of steps to address the tightness in credit markets, including traditional monetary policy tools as well as measures at the level of specific markets to provide additional liquidity.
Financial Update , Volume 21 , Issue 2

Journal Article
Liquidity effects, the monetary transmission mechanism, and monetary policy

Economic Perspectives , Volume 16 , Issue Nov , Pages 2-14

Working Paper
Debt maturity choice and risk-free assets: the \"clientele effect\" and the commercial paper market

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 94-4

Journal Article
Theoretical issues of liquidity effects.

Review , Issue May , Pages 3-25

Journal Article
Trading activity and price transparency in the inflation swap market

The issues of liquidity and price transparency in derivatives markets have taken on greater import given regulatory efforts under way to improve their transparency. To date, the lack of transaction data has impeded the understanding of how the inflation swap and other derivatives markets operate. This article broadens that understanding by using a novel transaction data set to examine trading activity and price transparency in the quickly growing U.S. inflation swap market. The authors find that the market appears reasonably liquid and transparent, despite its over-the-counter nature and ...
Economic Policy Review , Volume 19 , Issue May , Pages 45-57



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