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Keywords:Liabilities (Accounting) 

Journal Article
Banking on Basel : an alternative for capital requirements

Equity capital represents a bank?s net worth?the difference between its assets and liabilities. Put another way, it?s the value of assets financed by the bank?s owners, rather than depositors or other sources of funds. Capital serves as a buffer to absorb losses and prevent failures and figures prominently in the banking industry?s ability to lend.
Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 11-13, 16

Conference Paper
Institutional control and large-scale, long-term hazards


Journal Article
Repurchase agreements and Federal funds

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May , Pages 353-360

Borrowing without debt? Understanding the U.S. international investment position

Sustained large U.S. current account deficits have led some economists and policymakers to worry that future current account adjustment could occur through a sudden and disruptive depreciation of the dollar and a sharp drop in U.S. consumption. Two factors that, to date, have cast doubt on such concerns are the stability of U.S. net external liabilities and the minimal net income payments made by the United States on these liabilities. We show that the stability of the external position reflects sizable capital gains stemming from strong foreign equity markets and a weaker dollar - conditions ...
Staff Reports , Paper 271

Journal Article
The income implications of rising U.S. international liabilities

Although the United States has seen its net liabilities surge in recent years, its investment income balance has remained positive-largely because U.S. firms operating abroad earn a higher rate of return than do foreign firms operating here. The continuing buildup in liabilities, however, should soon push the U.S. income balance below zero. In that event, net income flows will begin to boost the nation's current account deficit instead of reducing it.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 11 , Issue Dec