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Keywords:Law and legislation 

Journal Article
Federal and state laws on consumer financial services: the doctrine of preemption

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Brochure helps consumers understand credit laws

Financial Update , Volume 13 , Issue Jul , Pages 5

The tri-party repo market before the 2010 reforms

This paper provides a descriptive and quantitative account of the tri-party repo market before the reforms proposed in 2010 by the Task Force on Tri-Party Repo Infrastructure (Task Force 2010). We provide an extensive description of the mechanics of this market. We also use data from July 2008 to early 2010 to document quantitative features of the market. We find that both the level of haircuts and the amount of funding were surprisingly stable in this market. The stability of the margins is in contrast to evidence from other repo markets. Perhaps surprisingly, the data reveal relatively few ...
Staff Reports , Paper 477

Journal Article
Policy update : Tribes seek Uncle Sam's seal of approval

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Econ Focus , Volume 15 , Issue 4Q , Pages 7

Journal Article
Policy update: New laws protect social media privacy

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Econ Focus , Volume 16 , Issue 4Q , Pages 9

Working Paper
Demand externalitites and price cap regulation: Learning from a two-sided market

This paper studies unintended consequences of price cap regulation in the presence of demand externalities in the context of payment cards. The recent U.S. debit card regulation was intended to lower merchant card acceptance costs by capping the maximum interchange fee. However, small-ticket merchants found their fees instead higher after the regulation. To address this puzzle, I construct a two-sided market model and show that card demand externalities across merchant sectors rationalize card networks? pricing response. Based on the model, I study socially optimal card fees and an ...
Working Paper , Paper 13-06

Journal Article
Old favorites and new initiatives

Implications of the 2008 farm bill for the Ninth District
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Sep , Pages 13-15

The U.S. financial system: where we have been, where we are and where we need to go

Remarks at the Reserve Bank of Australia's 50th Anniversary Symposium, Sydney, Australia.
Speech , Paper 12

Lessons of the crisis: the implications for regulatory reform

Remarks at the Partnership for New York City Discussion, New York City.
Speech , Paper 10

Discussion Paper
The Credit CARD act of 2009 and prepaid cards

Recently enacted federal legislation contains a number of provisions that will affect the prepaid card industry. This note highlights some of these provisions, discusses how they might shape the prepaid card industry, and outlines the debate over whether prepaid cards should be defined as "monetary instruments" under federal law.
Consumer Finance Institute discussion papers , Paper 09-03



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