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Keywords:Latin America 

Journal Article
Putting second-generation reforms to the test

EconSouth , Volume 5 , Issue Q3 , Pages 14-19

Latin America Research Group brief: Dollarization in Latin America

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Brief , Issue Mar

Journal Article
The debt problem: evolution and prospects

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
Public sector deficits and macroeconomic stability in developing economies (general discussion)

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Working Paper
Crisis, contagion, and country funds: effects on East Asia and Latin America

Spillovers effects, from one country or region to other countries and regions, have attracted renewed attention in the aftermath of the Mexican crisis of December 1994. This paper uses data on closed-end country funds to study how a negative shock in Mexican equities is transmitted to Asia and Latin America, and to particular countries within each region. Country funds allow us to study the transmission to other fund net asset values (NAVs) and prices, which are traded in local stock markets in New York, respectively. The evidence indicates that shocks such as the Mexican crisis produce ...
Pacific Basin Working Paper Series , Paper 96-04

Working Paper
Sources of economic fluctuations in Latin America and implications for choice of exchange rate regimes

This paper studies the sources of economic fluctuations in three key Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico) using a dynamic panel model, distinguishing between external and domestic shocks. The primary motivation is to examine the implications for the choice of monetary and exchange rate regimes, including dollarization. The results do not provide a strong, clear case in favor of a particular policy choice. On the one hand, foreign output shocks, including those of the U.S., appear to have a quite limited role in driving output fluctuations in these Latin countries; this ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 656

International trade and factor mobility: an empirical investigation

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been growing rapidly, at a pace far exceeding the growth in international trade. Thus, a full understanding of the relationship between trade in goods and FDI is important for obtaining a complete picture of the extent and sources of international linkages. We investigate whether FDI serves as a complement to trade or a substitute for trade based on the effects identified by the Rybczynski theorem whereby an increase in a factor of production used intensively in one sector affects production both in that sector and in other sectors. Using detailed data on ...
Staff Reports , Paper 81

Journal Article
Understanding Latin American currency pegs to the dollar

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 1-4

Conference Paper
Public sector deficits and macroeconomic stability in developing economies (commentary)

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
Imbalances in Latin American fiscal accounts: why the United States should care

EconSouth , Volume 2 , Issue Q1 , Pages 14-19



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