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Keywords:Latin America 

Journal Article
Is the international economic crisis over?

EconSouth , Volume 1 , Issue Q3 , Pages 14-19

Conference Paper
Crisis, contagion, and country funds: effects on East Asia and Latin America


Journal Article
Atlanta Fed Conference on Fiscal Policy in Latin America

Fiscal policy is at the very core of the profound economic transformation under way in Latin America. While price stabilization and liberalizing reforms have placed regional economies in a much more competitive position over the past two decades, the need for additional reform efforts-so-called second-generation reforms in areas like fiscal policy-is increasingly apparent. ; Because sound fiscal policy is key to viable monetary policy and sustainable economic growth, few issues are as critical to the region's economic future. Recognizing the increasingly global setting in which the Federal ...
Economic Review , Volume 85 , Issue Q2 , Pages 49-51

Journal Article
Expert on Latin America expects improvements in region's political, economic situations in 1990s

Economics Update , Issue Jul , Pages 5

Working Paper
Exchange rate uncertainty and economic growth in Latin America

Working Papers , Paper 9338

Journal Article
Official dollarization and the banking system in Ecuador and El Salvador

In January 2000 Ecuador adopted the U.S. dollar as legal tender, and El Salvador followed suit in 2001. The two countries officially dollarized under quite different circumstances: Ecuador was suffering an economic and banking crisis, while El Salvador enjoyed economic stability and low inflation rates. This article studies the evolution of the banking system in these two countries before and after official, or full, dollarization. ; In Ecuador the reforms that ensued from full dollarization have improved transparency and banking performance and competitiveness, but the implementation and ...
Economic Review , Volume 91 , Issue Q 3 , Pages 55-71

Discussion Paper
Has the Pandemic Reduced U.S. Remittances Going to Latin America?

Workers' remittances—funds that migrants send to their country of birth—are an important source of income for a number of economies in Latin America, with the bulk of these funds coming from the United States. Have these flows dried up, given the COVID-19 recession and resulting unprecedented job losses? We find that remittances initially faltered but rebounded in the summer months, performing better than during the last U.S. recession despite more severe job losses. Large government income support payments probably explain some of this resilience. Whether remittances continue to hold up ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20201109

Foreign direct investment and indebted developing countries

Research Paper , Paper 8609

Journal Article
Can currency boards prevent devaluations and financial meltdowns?

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 6-9

Journal Article
Understanding Latin American currency pegs to the dollar

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 1-4



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