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Journal Article
Should U.S. investors invest overseas?

Interest in foreign investment has been high among U.S. investors in recent years. Many investors know that geographic diversification can improve investment returns without increasing risk. However, whether or not to invest abroad and, if so, how much weight to give to foreign investment, are questions often subject to heated debate. Whether or not to invest abroad is part of the larger question of how to assemble a portfolio that is appropriate for the investor's circumstances and degree of risk tolerance. ; This article examines the question of international investing within the broader ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Nov , Pages 29-40

Journal Article
Financial consequences of new Asian surpluses

Quarterly Review , Volume 12 , Issue Sum

Journal Article
In brief: high foreign real interest rates and investment in the 1990s

This article argues that high interest rates abroad have substantially depressed private investment in most foreign members of the Group of Seven during the 1990s. Business investment has been especially hard hit and housing construction disrupted, although the effect on housing has been offset in some countries by stimulative fiscal policies. The author estimates that overall, high interest rates have reduced output in the foreign G-7 by 2 1/2 to 4 1/4 percent per year on average over 1990-93.
Quarterly Review , Volume 19 , Issue Spr , Pages 38-44

Foreign investment fluctuations and emerging market stock returns: the case of Mexico

We investigate the economically and statistically significant positive correlation between monthly foreign purchases of Mexican stocks and Mexican stock returns. We find that 1 percent of market capitalization surprise foreign inflow is associated with a 13 percent increase in Mexican stock prices. We explore whether this correlation might be explained by permanent reductions in conditional expected returns resulting from expansion of the investor base along the lines modeled by Merton (1987) or correlations with other factors causing returns, price pressures, or positive feedback strategies ...
Research Paper , Paper 9635

An expanded, cointegrated model of U.S. trade

Research Paper , Paper 9121

What moves the discount on country equity funds?

Research Paper , Paper 9324

U.S. capital flows to China

Research Paper , Paper 8705

Foreign direct investment and indebted developing countries

Research Paper , Paper 8609

Voluntary conversions of LDC debt

Research Paper , Paper 8903

Recent developments in key legal issues of international reserves investments

Remarks at the Central Reserve Bank of Peru on the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and Central Bank Immunity in the United States.
Speech , Paper 48



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