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Journal Article
Should U.S. investors invest overseas?

Interest in foreign investment has been high among U.S. investors in recent years. Many investors know that geographic diversification can improve investment returns without increasing risk. However, whether or not to invest abroad and, if so, how much weight to give to foreign investment, are questions often subject to heated debate. Whether or not to invest abroad is part of the larger question of how to assemble a portfolio that is appropriate for the investor's circumstances and degree of risk tolerance. ; This article examines the question of international investing within the broader ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Nov , Pages 29-40

Journal Article
The performance of traditional macroeconomic models of businesses' investment spending

The rate of capital formation by businesses has long been among the most closely watched elements of the national accounts. During the last decade, this component of investment attracted considerable interest as capital spending helped support our uncommonly high rate of economic growth. Not only did this spending lift the growth of aggregate demand, it also increased our capacity for supplying goods and services, which in turn could allow output to continue growing rapidly in the future. ; This article analyzes the performance of conventional models of investment spending by comparing their ...
New England Economic Review

Journal Article
Investment and employment by manufacturing plants

The preceding article analyzed the determinants of investment at the macroeconomic level. In general, analysis of investment at this degree of aggregation implies that all firms in the economy react similarly to the same macro-level variables. Yet, examining macro data may obscure a great deal of variation in the forces that affect different firms, thus making quantification of the impact of these forces difficult. Since different types of firms face an array of different constraints, the authors analyze employment and investment at manufacturing plants at a finer level of distinction than ...
New England Economic Review

Discussion Paper
Collateralized borrowing and life-cycle portfolio choice

We examine the effects of collateralized borrowing in a realistically parameterized life-cycle portfolio choice problem. We provide basic intuition in a two-period model and then solve a multi-period model computationally. Our analysis provides insights into life-cycle portfolio choice relevant for researchers in macroeconomics and finance. In particular, we show that standard models with unlimited borrowing at the riskless rate dramatically overstate the gains to holding equity when compared with collateral-constrained models. Our results do not depend on the specification of the ...
Public Policy Discussion Paper , Paper 06-4

Working Paper
Information diffusion based explanations of asset pricing anomalies

In this paper we develop information based factors which outperform other popular factors used in the multifactor pricing literature such as the Fama and French size and book-to-market factors. The first factor is based on the age of an asset, measured by the number of months since the asset?s IPO, while the second factor is based on the percentage of trading days an asset does not trade in a given year. Both factors attempt to capture the quality and speed of information diffusion on the market. Our information factors perform particularly well on momentum portfolios, which, Hong et al ...
Supervisory Research and Analysis Working Papers , Paper QAU07-6

Journal Article
Observations: local restocking

Annual returns on local investments.
Regional Review , Issue Q 4 2003 / Q1 2004 , Pages 1-2

Journal Article
Financial planning engines: motoring toward a better future

Regional Review , Volume 10 , Issue Q3 , Pages 25-31

Journal Article
Observations: smart art

Investing in fine art versus the stock market.
Regional Review , Volume 12 , Issue Q 2 , Pages 1

Regulatory reform of the global financial system

Remarks hosted by the Institute of Regulation & Risk North Asia, Tokyo, Japan.
Speech , Paper 51

Regulatory reform of the global financial system

Remarks hosted by the Institute of Regulation & Risk North Asia, Hong Kong
Speech , Paper 52



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