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Journal Article
District exports: untold stories behind the data

Fedgazette , Volume 16 , Issue May , Pages 21-22

Technological diffusion through trade and imitation

An endogenous growth model is developed demonstrating both static and dynamic gains from trade for developing nations due to the beneficial effects of trade on imitation and technological diffusion. The concept of learning-to-learn in both imitative and innovative processes is incorporated into a quality ladder model with North-South trade. Domestic technological progress occurs via innovation or imitation, while growth is driven by technological advances in the quality of domestically available inputs, regardless of country of origin. In the absence of trade, Southern imitation of Northern ...
Staff Reports , Paper 20

Journal Article
U.S. international transactions in 1974

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr

Journal Article
GATS and banking in the Pacific Basin

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Foreign trade, capital movements, and international reserves

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov

Journal Article
The outlook for net exports

FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
Establishment heterogeneity, exporter dynamics, and the effects of trade liberalization

The authors study the effects of tariffs in a dynamic variation of the Melitz (2003) model, a monopolistically competitive model with heterogeneity in productivity across establishments and fixed costs of exporting. With fixed costs of starting to export that are on average 3.7 times as large as the costs incurred to continue as an exporter, the model can match both the size distribution of exporters and annual transition in and out of exporting among US manufacturing establishments. The authors find that the tariff equivalent of these fixed costs is nearly 30 percentage points. They use the ...
Working Papers , Paper 11-19

Journal Article
Trends in international trade and payments

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr

International trade and factor mobility: an empirical investigation

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been growing rapidly, at a pace far exceeding the growth in international trade. Thus, a full understanding of the relationship between trade in goods and FDI is important for obtaining a complete picture of the extent and sources of international linkages. We investigate whether FDI serves as a complement to trade or a substitute for trade based on the effects identified by the Rybczynski theorem whereby an increase in a factor of production used intensively in one sector affects production both in that sector and in other sectors. Using detailed data on ...
Staff Reports , Paper 81



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