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Keywords:International finance 

Working Paper
After-hours stock prices and post-crash hangovers

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 50

Working Paper
The international transmission of financial shocks: the case of Japan

One of the more dramatic financial events of the late 1980s and early 1990s was the surge in Japanese stock prices that was immediately followed by a very sharp decline of more than 50 percent. While the unprecedented fluctuations in Japanese stock prices were domestic financial shocks, the unique institutional characteristics of the Japanese economy produce a framework that is particularly suited to transmit shocks to other countries through the behavior of the Japanese banking system. ; The large size of Japanese bank lending operations in the United States enables us to use U.S. banking ...
Working Papers , Paper 96-1

Working Paper
Estimating revenues from tax reform in transition economies

Quantitative analysis is a key aspect of the design and evaluation of tax policy. To make informed decisions, policymakers should know how much revenue is collected and from whom. The tax reform planned for transition economies should include the introduction not only of new tax structures but also of new models to estimate revenues. Preliminary methodologies can be developed in time to influence the current discussions on the design of tax legislation. These efforts will also lay the groundwork for the further development of data bases and models that will be used to evaluate tax policy in ...
Working Papers , Paper 94-4

Journal Article
A market-based view of European Monetary Union

A discussion of European economic integration, noting that monetary union is of secondary importance to free markets in pushing Europe toward its economic potential.
Economic Commentary , Issue Apr

Journal Article
International monetary reform and the \\"crawling peg\\"

Review , Volume 51 , Issue Feb , Pages 15-23

Journal Article
Search-theoretic models of international currency - commentary

Review , Volume 78 , Issue May , Pages 133-135

Journal Article
Search-theoretic models of international currency - commentary

Review , Volume 78 , Issue May , Pages 136-138

Journal Article
International reserves and the role of special drawing rights

Review , Volume 60 , Issue Jan , Pages 9-14

Working Paper
Gains from financial integration in the European union: evidence for new and old members

We estimate potential welfare gains from financial integration and corresponding better insurance against country-specific shocks to output (risk sharing) for the twenty-five European Union countries. Using theoretical utility-based measures we express the gains from risk sharing as the utility equivalent of a permanent increase in consumption. We report positive potential welfare gains for all the EU countries if they move toward full risk sharing. Ten country-members who joined the Union in 2004 have more volatile or counter-cyclical consumption and output and would obtain much higher ...
Supervisory Policy Analysis Working Papers , Paper 2007-01

Working Paper
Home bias and high turnover in an overlapping generations model with learning

This paper develops a two-country OLG model under the assumption that investors are on a Bayesian learning path. While investors from both countries receive identical information flows, domestic investors start off with less precise prior beliefs concerning foreign fundamentals. On a learning path, differences in beliefs and estimation risk generate portfolio biases similar to those observed empirically: home bias in equity portfolios and trend-chasing in international flows. In addition, due to the higher volatility of the estimates of foreign state variables, our model produces excessive ...
Working Papers , Paper 2005-012



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