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Keywords:International economic relations 

Journal Article
A perspective on U.S. international capital flows

This article was originally presented as a speech at the Tucson Chapter of the Association for Investment Management Research (AIMR), Tucson, Arizona, November 14, 2003.
Review , Volume 86 , Issue Jan , Pages 1-8

Journal Article
Some essentials of monetary stability

Harrison was the Bank's chief executive during a period of national economic hardship and financial instability: the early years of his term coincided with the stock market collapse of 1929, the Great Depression, and the bank failures that culminated in the banking crisis of 1933. In this speech, Harrison advocates reforms to strengthen the U.S. banking system and calls for the removal of remaining barriers to international trade. He argues that domestic financial stability in the major trading nations, along with a reestablished system of fixed exchange rates and orderly international ...
Quarterly Review , Issue Special , Pages 15-20

Journal Article
Competing takes hard work

Economic Review , Issue Jan , Pages 6-10

Journal Article
Europe in 1992

New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 13-26

Journal Article
Economist warns against isolationism in global marketplace

Economics Update , Issue Jul , Pages 4

Journal Article
Fully funded social security: Now you see it, now you don't?

Governments of countries around the world, including the United States, are considering implementing social security reform programs. In most cases, one of the principal goals of the reform program is to convert a pay-as-you-go social security system into a fully funded system. Most economists believe that the long-run macroeconomic benefits of a successful transition to a fully funded system are likely to be large relative to the benefits from social security reforms of other types. ; The authors of this article describe the basic differences between pay-as-you-go and fully funded systems ...
Economic Review , Volume 84 , Issue Q4 , Pages 16-25

Working Paper
The structure and properties of the FRB multicountry model.Part I: Model description and simulation results

The FRB Multicountry Model (MCM) is a linked system of five quarterly national macroeconometric models of the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The MCM emphasizes international linkages, and has equations for trade in goods and services, investment income flows, and exchange rates. This paper documents the current version of the MCM. The paper describes the theoretical structure of the model, and presents the empirical estimation results. The paper also describes a series of simulations of fiscal and monetary policy scenarios and external shocks. A complete ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 293

International ties

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Oct

Challenges facing the U.S. economy and financial system

Remarks at the Economic Club of New York, New York City.
Speech , Paper 39



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