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Journal Article
Insurance industry reinvestment: the Massachusetts experience

Joseph Kriesberg and Andrea Caliz Luquetta of the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (MACDC) outline the provisions in a new statewide law, An Act Insuring Community Investment and the Equitable Taxation of Insurance Companies in Massachusetts. In exchange for tax relief, this legislation requires insurance providers operating within the Commonwealth to contribute to two investment pools for economic development. Could this approach serve as a model for similar initiatives in other states?
Communities and Banking , Issue Win , Pages 2-8

Journal Article
The federal safety net: not for banks only

Economic Perspectives , Volume 11 , Issue Nov

Working Paper
Informal unemployment insurance and labor market dynamics

How do job losers use default -- a phenomenon 6x more prevalent than bankruptcy --as a type of ?informal" unemployment insurance, and more importantly, what are the social costs and benefits of this behavior? To this end, I establish several new facts: (i) job loss is the main reason for default, not negative equity (ii) people default because they are credit constrained and cannot borrow more, and (iii) the value of debt payments is a significant fraction of a defaulter's earnings. Using these facts, I calibrate a general equilibrium model with a frictional labor market similar to Burdett ...
Working Papers , Paper 2012-057

Journal Article
Insurance: a risk to the economy ?

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 6 - 8

Working Paper
Sovereign debt, volatility, and insurance

External debt increases the vulnerability of indebted emerging market economies to macroeconomic volatility and financial crises. Capital account reversals often lead sovereign debt repayment crises that are only resolved after prolonged and difficult debt restructuring. Foreign indebtedness exacerbates domestic financial distress in crisis, increasing both the incidence and severity of emerging market crises. These outcomes contrast with the presumption that access to international capital markets should help countries to smooth domestic consumption and investment against macroeconomic ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2006-05

Working Paper
Deposit insurance, capital requirements, and financial stability

This paper assesses the effects of insurance and capital requirements on assets' equilibrium returns in a capital-asset-pricing model in which intermediaries possess better information than the public about the yields on a set of assets. Equilibrium returns depend on two risk premiums that intermediaries incur on their liabilities: an explicit premium that reflects the public's view of the risks inherent in intermediaries' assets and an implicit premium that reflects intermediaries' risk of losing a share of their rent by leveraging their capital. Insurance reduces intermediaries' cost of ...
Working Papers , Paper 00-3

Conference Paper
Milestones and challenges in deposit insurance pricing

Proceedings , Paper 692

Conference Paper
The competitive impact of foreign underwriters in the United States


Journal Article
Statement to Congress, May 31, 1989 (enforcement of the mandatory flood insurance purchase requirements)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jul , Pages 498-501

Working Paper
Young Unskilled Women and the Earned Income Tax Credit: Insurance Without Disincentives?

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is the single most important transfer program in place in the United States. An aspect of the EITC that has received little attention thus far is its role as a public insurance program. Yet, the structure of the EITC necessarily protects its primary class of recipients, unskilled single mothers, against major risks they face to both wages and changes in family structure. Our study provides the first quantitative statement about the insurance provided by the EITC. We study a dynamic model of consumption, savings, and labor supply in which households face ...
Working Paper , Paper 14-11



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