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Journal Article
Recent output and price developments

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jun , Pages 593-601

The causes of rising U.S. industrial wage dispersion

Research Paper , Paper 8825

Journal Article
Bends in the river: a natural history of the Connecticut Valley metal trade

Regional Review , Issue Win , Pages 6-12

Working Paper
Diversification and development

This paper explores the relationship between sectoral diversification and economic development. We develop a risk-based methodology to assess countries' extent of industrial diversification. The industrial structure of a country tends to be risky when the country i) has a high sectoral concentration, ii) specializes in highly risky sectors, and/or iii) specializes in sectors highly affected by country-specific fluctuations. We document the following regularities. First, sectoral concentration declines and then increases with development. Second, industry-specific risk declines with ...
Working Papers , Paper 03-3

Journal Article
Industry players: emerging, long-standing sectors define a region

TEN , Issue Win , Pages 16-23

Exchange rate pass-through to import prices in the Euro area

This paper presents an empirical analysis of transmission rates from exchange rate movements to import prices, across countries and product categories, in the euro area over the last fifteen years. Our results show that the transmission of exchange rate changes to import prices in the short run is high, although incomplete, and that it differs across industries and countries; in the long run, exchange rate pass-through is higher and close to 1. We do not find compelling evidence that the introduction of the euro caused a structural change in exchange rate pass-through. Although some estimated ...
Staff Reports , Paper 219

Conference Paper
Path dependence in aggregate output

Proceedings , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Industrial restructuring in the New York metropolitan area

The author analyzes the industrial restructuring process in the New York metropolitan area in the first half of the 1990s. To measure the extent of restructuring, he reviews estimates of permanent job losses of metropolitan workers, mass layoff announcements in the region, and net job changes by industry. The analysis shows that a significant part of the area's recent restructuring reflects a continuation of the long-term trend away from manufacturing toward a service-oriented economy. This shift, while broadly in line with nationwide trends, has been somewhat more intense in the metropolitan ...
Economic Policy Review , Volume 3 , Issue Feb , Pages 61-74

Journal Article
Industry-specific exchange rates for the United States

The trade-weighted exchange rates constructed for the aggregate U.S. economy do not always capture the changes in industry competitive conditions induced by movements in specific bilateral exchange rates. Exchange rates produced using information on industry-specific trade partners are often better suited for this task. This article constructs three industry-specific real exchange rate measures for the United States-one using export partner weights only, a second using import partner weights, and a third using an average of export and import weights by industry-and examines how they co-move ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue May , Pages 1-16

Working Paper
Sectoral shifts and interindustry wage differentials

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 102



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