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Journal Article
Accounting for the rich

Economic theory has long been challenged-and economists fascinated-by the mystery of extreme inequality in U.S. wealth distribution. The explanation may finally be in sight.
The Region , Volume 17 , Issue Jun , Pages 8-11, 48-52

Journal Article
Spatial and labor market contributions to earnings inequality: an overview

New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 1-10

Journal Article
Class action

Economic inequality has increased in the United States?this much is clear. But the reasons, the consequences and the future are far from obvious. Recent research provides some intriguing suggestions.
The Region , Volume 19 , Issue Sep , Pages 12-15, 38-44

Journal Article
How much do we really know about growth and finance?

During the past twenty-five years, development economists have made a major shift toward a more mainstream, market-oriented approach to the financial sector. Economists now take for granted that a well-developed financial sector contributes to economic growth. But until recently there was surprisingly little solid evidence to support this view. ; This article assesses the econometric evidence about the finance-growth relationship. The author first describes the regression framework that has become the standard for assessing this relationship. He outlines some methodological reservations about ...
Economic Review , Volume 88 , Issue Q1 , Pages 33-47

Long-term inequality and mobility

This brief investigates the mobility and income situation of family heads and spouses who have low long-term incomes, where long-term refers to average family income over a 10-year period. The data show that most of those in the poorest one-fifth of the long-term income distribution during the 1996?2006 period spent all or nearly all of the period?s years in the poorest fifth of the single-year income distribution, and those who escaped did not move far. Moreover, this situation has worsened over time, with the long-term poor more ?stuck? at the bottom in the 1996-2006 period than they were ...
Public Policy Brief

Conference Paper
Public transit and spatial distribution of minority employment: evidence from a natural experiment

Proceedings , Paper 909

Journal Article
Lessons from the income maintenance experiments: an overview

New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 32-45

Needed: a theory of total factor productivity

This paper evaluates the argument that differences in physical and intangible capital can account for the large international income differences that characterize the world economy today. The finding is that they cannot. Savings rate differences are of minor importance. What is all-important is total factor productivity. In addition, the paper presents industry evidence that total factor productivities differ across countries and time for reasons other than differences in the publicly available stock of technical knowledge. These findings lead me to conclude a theory of TFP is needed. This ...
Staff Report , Paper 242

Journal Article
Changes in the use of transaction accounts and cash from 1984 to 1986

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar , Pages 179-196

Discussion Paper
Educational opportunity and income inequality

Affordable higher education is, and has been, a key element of social policy in the United States with broad bipartisan support. Financial aid has substantially increased the number of people who complete university?generally thought to be a good thing. We show, however, that making education more affordable can increase income inequality. The mechanism that drives our results is a combination of credit constraints and the ?signaling? role of education first explored by Spence (1973). When borrowing for education is difficult, lack of a college education could mean that one is either of low ...
Public Policy Discussion Paper , Paper 04-5



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