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Journal Article
What are the causes of rising wage inequality in the United States?

During the last 15 years--especially in the 1980s--wage inequality rose in the United States. It appears that this can be explained by a secular shift in production functions favoring workers with intellectual rather than manual skills, together with slower growth in the supply of skilled labor than in the previous decade.
Economic Policy Review , Issue Jan , Pages 9-17

Working Paper
Testing neoclassical convergence in regional incomes and earnings

Working Papers , Paper 93-22

Journal Article
More or less equal?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
The issues of marital stability and family composition and the income maintenance experiments

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 30 , Pages 60-105

Discussion Paper
Quantifying the role of federal and state taxes in mitigating income inequality

Income inequality has risen dramatically in the United States since at least 1980. This paper quantifies the role that the tax policies of the federal and state governments have played in mitigating this income inequality. The analysis, which isolates the contribution of federal taxes and state taxes separately, employs two approaches. First, cross-sectional estimates compare before-tax and after-tax inequality across the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Second, inequality estimates across time are calculated to assess the evolution of the effects of tax policies. The results from the ...
Public Policy Discussion Paper , Paper 11-7

Journal Article
Warm feelings and cold calculations: economic theories of private transfers

Business Review , Issue Mar , Pages 15-22

Working Paper
HRM policy and increasing inequality in a salary survey

A look at the implications for human resource management of the rising wage disparity found in a three-decades-long private salary survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 9302

Journal Article
Ties that bind: income inequality and income segregation

Widening inequality is experienced not at the national level, but rather on a community by community basis. Learn about income inequality and its relationship to income segregation.
Community Investments , Volume 23 , Issue Fall

Working Paper
Convergence in the United States: a tale of migration and urbanization

We use non-parametric distribution dynamics techniques to reassess the convergence of per capita personal income (PCPI) across U.S. states and across metropolitan and nonmetropolitan portions of states for the period 1969-2005. The long-run distribution of PCPI is bimodal for both states and metro/nonmetro portions. Further- more, the high income mode of the distribution across metro and nonmetro portions corresponds to the single mode of the long-run distribution across metro portions only. These results (polarization or club-convergence) are reversed when weighting by population. The long ...
Working Papers , Paper 2008-002

On the political economy of income redistribution and crime

We study a one-sector growth model which is standard except for the presence of an externality in the production function. The set of competitive equilibria is large. It includes constant equilibria, sunspot equilibria, cyclical and chaotic equilibria, and equilibria with deterministic or stochastic regime switching. The efficient allocation is characterized by constant employment and a constant growth rate. We identify an income tax-subsidy schedule that supports the efficient allocation as the unique equilibrium outcome. That schedule has two properties: (i) it specifies the tax rate to be ...
Staff Report , Paper 216



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