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Keywords:Income distribution 

Journal Article
Spatial effects upon employment outcomes: the case of New Jersey teenagers

New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 41-64

Inflation and the distribution of income and wealth: are the poor really hurt?

Originally appeared in the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Business Review, September 1973, p. 16-25

Discussion Paper
Educational opportunity and income inequality

Affordable higher education is, and has been, a key element of social policy in the United States with broad bipartisan support. Financial aid has substantially increased the number of people who complete university?generally thought to be a good thing. We show, however, that making education more affordable can increase income inequality. The mechanism that drives our results is a combination of credit constraints and the ?signaling? role of education first explored by Spence (1973). When borrowing for education is difficult, lack of a college education could mean that one is either of low ...
Public Policy Discussion Paper , Paper 04-5

Conference Paper
General discussion : causes of changing earnings inequality

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
Community perspective: Widening inequality hurts us all

The former Secretary of Labor discusses the causes and consequences of our nation's rising inequality.
Community Investments , Volume 23 , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Equality of education opportunity revisited

New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 87-114

Working Paper
The role of location in evaluating racial wage disparity

A standard object of empirical analysis in labor economics is a modified Mincer wage function in which an individual's log wage is specified to be a function of education, experience, and an indicator variable identifying race. Researchers hope that estimates from this exercise can be informative about the impact of minority status on labor market success. Here we set out a theoretical justification for this regression in a context in which individuals live and work in different locations. Our model leads to the traditional approach, but with the important caveat that the regression should ...
Working Papers , Paper 2009-043

Conference Paper
Lessons from the income maintenance experiments: an overview

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 30 , Pages 1-21

Conference Paper
Public transit and spatial distribution of minority employment: evidence from a natural experiment

Proceedings , Paper 909

Working Paper
Differences in the measurement of wealth, wealth inequality, and wealth composition obtained from alternative U.S. wealth surveys

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 116



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