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Working Paper
Import competition and wages: the role of the nontradable goods sector

Working Paper Series / Economic Activity Section , Paper 115

Journal Article
Global Supply Chain Disruptions Can Be Seen Anywhere, but Their Costs Are Not the Same Everywhere

Although ubiquitous, supply chain challenges are exerting more cost pressures on the types of businessesconcentrated in the Tenth Federal Reserve District. Businesses in the region are less willing or able to adjustthe amount of imported goods they purchase even when procurement prices rise precipitously, as they have over the past year.
Economic Bulletin , Issue January 12, 2022 , Pages 4

Journal Article
Changing patterns in U.S. international transactions

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr , Pages 283-293

Maquiladoras: impact on Texas border cities


U.S. imports in the 1980s: some insights from a disaggregate analysis

Research Paper , Paper 9210

Journal Article
U.S. international transactions in 1992

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May

Journal Article
Roar of the dragon : the Asian upside for U.S. agriculture

Main Street Economist , Issue May

Journal Article
Mercosur: implications for growth in member countries

The South American customs union known as Mercosur has contributed significantly to regional trade liberalization. But by encouraging trade within the group at the expense of trade with nonmembers, Mercosur may limit member countries' access to high-technology imports, an important stimulus to growth.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 5 , Issue May

Protectionism and Dependence on Imports of Essential Medical Equipment

The COVID-19 global pandemic has led to a surge in protectionism, which poses challenges to countries dependent on imports of essential medical equipment.
On the Economy

Journal Article
Exchange rates and the prices of manufacturing products imported into the United States

Local-currency prices of foreign products do not usually respond one-for-one to changes in the exchange rate. The extent and pervasiveness of this incomplete "pass-through" of exchange rates to import prices has long been debated. Yet, despite the abundance of empirical research on the relationship between exchange rates and import prices, there is little systematic evidence on the time-series dimension of pass-through that encompasses the most recent years. ; In this article, the author provides some updated estimates of the responsiveness of U.S. import prices to changes in the exchange ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 3 - 18



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