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The fruits of free trade

Annual Report

Journal Article
Subsiding Headwinds from the Strong Dollar: Evidence from Producer Prices along the Supply Chain

The foreign exchange value of the U.S. dollar has stabilized, and producer prices are rising, especially at early stages of the supply chain.
Macro Bulletin

Maquiladoras: impact on Texas border cities


Journal Article
U.S. international transaction in 1984

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May , Pages 277-286

Journal Article
U.S.-Mexico trade: are we still connected?

Business Frontier

Journal Article
Agriculture: Comparing apples to apples

Cross Sections , Volume 12 , Issue Spr , Pages 29

Working Paper
Selective Sovereign Defaults

Governments issue debt both domestically and abroad. This heterogeneity introduces the possibility for governments to operate selective defaults that discriminate across investors. Using a novel dataset on the legal jurisdiction of sovereign defaults that distinguishes between defaults under domestic law and default under foreign law, we show that selectiveness is the norm and that imports, credit, and output dynamics are different around different types of default. Domestic defaults are associated with contractions of credit and are more likely in countries with smaller credit markets. In ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 1239

Journal Article
U.S. international transactions in a recovering economy

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr , Pages 311-322

Journal Article
U.S. international transactions in 1991

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May

Journal Article
U.S. international transactions in 1997

The U.S. current account deficit widened further in 1997, reaching $166 billion. U.S. imports of goods continued to exceed exports by a substantial margin. However, goods trade accounted for only a small part of the deterioration in the current account balance last year. The shift of investment income from positive to negative (the first time since 1914) was the major contributing factor; it reflected the cumulative effect of deficits in the current account that have persisted since 1982 and the balancing net capital inflows. The financial crises in Asia in the second half of 1997 visibly ...
Federal Reserve Bulletin , Volume 84 , Issue May



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