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Journal Article
U.S. ethnic scientists and entrepreneurs

Immigrants are exceptionally important for U.S. technology development, accounting for almost half of the country?s Ph.D. workforce in science and engineering. Most notably, the contribution of Chinese and Indian scientists and entrepreneurs in U.S. high-technology sectors increased dramatically in the 1990s. These ethnic scientific communities in the United States further help transfer new technologies back to their home countries.
Economic Commentary , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Snapshot of the future: the children of immigrant America

Regional Review , Volume 8 , Issue Q 3 , Pages 18-24

Journal Article
Immigration in the U.S.: economic effects on the nation and its cities

A summary of the Conference on Immigration in the U.S. held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, April 28-29, 2005
Business Review , Issue Q4 , Pages 44-51

Journal Article
Beyond the border: Falling crime and rising border enforcement - is there a connection?

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 9-10

Working Paper
Institutional quality and financial market development: evidence from international migrants in the U.S.

A growing body of theoretical and empirical work identifies the ability of a country?s institutions to protect private property and provide incentives for investment as a key explanation for the persistent disparity in financial market development. We add to this literature by analyzing the impact of institutions on financial development using data on the financial decisions of immigrants and the native-born in the U.S. While all of the individuals whose decisions we analyze face the same formal institutional framework in the U.S., immigrants bring with them varied experiences with ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-04-19

Culture: an empirical investigation of beliefs, work, and fertility

We study the effect of culture on important economic outcomes by using the 1970 census to examine the work and fertility behavior of women born in the U.S. but whose parents were born elsewhere. We use past female labor force participation and total fertility rates from the country of ancestry as our cultural proxies. These variables should capture, in addition to past economic and institutional conditions, the beliefs commonly held about the role of women in society (i.e., culture). Given the different time and place, only the beliefs embodied in the cultural proxies should be potentially ...
Staff Report , Paper 361

Working Paper
The impact of Mexican immigrants on U.S. wage structure

Previous study by Card and Lewis (2005) has found (puzzling) that inflows of Mexican immigrants into ?new? metropolitan areas have had no effect on the relative wages of very low-skill (high school dropouts). Rather, Mexican workers do affect relative wages for high school graduates. Whereas Card and Lewis? study uses variations across geographies, this paper considers variations across occupations. Recognizing that Mexican immigrants are highly occupationally clustered (disproportionately work in distinctive ?very low wage? occupations), we use this fact to motivate the empirical approach to ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-07-24

Journal Article
U.S., Mexico deepen economic ties

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 11-13, 16

Journal Article
The Texas challenge in the 21st century

Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 1 , Pages 6-8

Working Paper
The minimum wage and Latino workers

Because Latinos comprise a large and growing share of the low-skilled labor force in the U.S., Latinos may be disproportionately affected by minimum wage laws. We compare the effects of minimum wage laws on employment and earnings among Hispanic immigrants and natives compared with non-Hispanic whites and blacks. We focus on adults who have not finished high school and on teenagers, groups likely to earn low wages. Conventional economic theory predicts that higher minimum wages lead to higher hourly earnings among people who are employed but lower employment rates. Data from the Current ...
Working Papers , Paper 0708



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