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Economic overview: Queens and the region

Remarks at Queens Chamber of Commerce and Queens Economic Development Corporation, Flushing, New York City.
Speech , Paper 47

Journal Article
Dispelling myths about immigrants

National Economic Trends , Issue Oct

Immigrant financial market participation: defining the research questions

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Feb

Journal Article
The (illegal) immigrant effect

Econ Focus , Volume 10 , Issue Sum , Pages 19-23

Working Paper
Internal Immigrant Mobility in the Early 20th Century: Experimental Evidence from Galveston Immigrants

Between 1907 and 1914, the ?Galveston Movement,? a philanthropic effort spearheaded by Jacob Schiff, fostered the immigration of approximately 10,000 Russian Jews through the Port of Galveston, Texas. Upon arrival, households were given train tickets to pre-selected locations west of the Mississippi River where a job awaited. Despite the program?s stated purpose to locate new Russian Jewish immigrants to the Western part of the U.S., we find that almost 90 percent of the prime age male participants ultimately moved east of the Mississippi, typically to large Northeastern and Midwestern ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-2018-4

Journal Article
Immigrants' contributions in an aging America

Two great demographic forces are shaping our future: the swelling ranks of retirees (without comparable increases in native-born workers) and growing numbers of immigrants. Forward-looking immigration policy should recognize America?s increasing need for workers, taxpayers, and purchasers of baby boomer homes.
Communities and Banking , Issue Sum , Pages 3-5

Working Paper
Self-selection among undocumented immigrants from Mexico

This paper examines the effect of changes in migration determinants on the skill level of undocumented immigrants from Mexico. The authors focus on the effect of changes in economic conditions, migrant networks, and border enforcement on the educational attainment of Mexican-born men who cross the border illegally. Although previous research indicates that illegal aliens from Mexico tend to be unskilled relative to U.S. natives and that economic conditions, networks, and border enforcement affect the size of illegal immigrant flows across the border, the interaction of these variables has not ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 2001-1

Working Paper
Race, wages, and assimilation among Cuban immigrants

This study uses data from the 1980 and 1990 Census and the 1994-2000 Current Population Survey to examine the determinants of earnings among male Cuban immigrants in the United States by race. Nonwhite Cuban immigrants earn about 15 percent less than whites, on average. Much of the racial wage gap is due to differences in educational attainment, age at migration, and years in the United States, but the gap remains at almost 4 percent after controlling for such factors. Nonwhite Cuban immigrants also have lower returns to education than whites. A comparison to white, non-Hispanic U.S. natives ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 2003-10

Journal Article
Can immigration reduce imbalances among labor markets?

Eliminating disparity among labor markets can improve efficiency and production. Can immigration reduce the imbalances?
TEN , Issue Spr , Pages 10-15

Journal Article
Census data show the economy matters

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 1, 6-8, 12



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