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Keywords:Housing - Massachusetts 

Journal Article
Making affordable housing greener

With a beneficial focus on up-front planning, green building has moved from the fringes to the mainstream. Studies are finding no statistically significant difference between the costs of green construction and traditional building?and operational savings are significant.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 22-24

Journal Article
Affordable housing in the greater Boston area: what challenges are LMI households facing?

Traditional programs designed to assist low- and moderate-income (LMI) renters and prospective homebuyers may not be sufficient given the rapidly accelerating Greater Boston real-estate market. Kathleen Gill explores how a growing shortage of affordable housing impacts LMI households and what options may be available to them.
Communities and Banking , Issue Fall , Pages 9-13

Journal Article
Is housing next in company benefits?

The call for employers to offer housing benefits has been made in Greater Boston - but to little avail so far. Looser labor markets and lack of familiarity with a new concept are some reasons why employers are hesitant. What are the prospects for employer assisted housing and what is being done to spark enthusiasm?
Communities and Banking , Issue Win , Pages 15-21

Journal Article
Cohousing: a new kind of old neighborhood

Cohousing is a housing development trend that is gaining wider acceptance within New England and the United States. In order to preserve a sense of community and connectedness within their neighborhoods, cohousing proponents in the United States have modeled their developments on those in Denmark. Often cohousing developments include a wide variety of residents, including lower-income households. In this issue, we look at how cohousing is spreading in Massachusetts.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 19-21

Journal Article
Observations: take home pay

While employer-assisted housing programs may allow companies to help their own workers with housing issues, it remains to be seen whether the programs can contribute substantially to resolving Boston's affordable housing problem.
Regional Review , Issue Q 2 , Pages 1-2

Journal Article
Mapping New England: changes in median home prices in cities and towns in southern New England, 2000 to 2004

In recent years, housing prices across the country have soared. Southern New England has been no exception. The map shows the percent change in median sales prices for single-family homes for each city and town in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island between 2000 and 2004.
Communities and Banking , Issue Sum , Pages 11

Journal Article
Quality of life improves in Brockton: fighting for the City of Champions: a collaboration of community lenders

For over a decade, community lenders in Brockton, Massachusetts, have been working together to revitalize this urban center. Leo MacNeil reports on the Brockton Housing Partnership's efforts to increase homeownership, improve social services, and build community.
Communities and Banking , Issue Sum , Pages 16-21, 24

Journal Article
Creating housing opportunities

Helping families of low and moderate means find opportunities in high-cost areas requires special tactics. Citizens for Affordable Housing in Newton Development Organization (CAN-DO) shows it can be done.
Communities and Banking , Issue Sum , Pages 16-17

Journal Article
When affordable homeownership means doing it yourself

An affordable homeownership program that began with residents rolling up their sleeves and digging into hard work has evolved to become more efficient and effective. Franklin County's Paul Douglas explains why Rural Development Inc. got started and how its on-the-job learning has led to changes.
Communities and Banking , Issue Win , Pages 3-9

Journal Article
Chapter 40B... and its next chapter

The over-30-year-old Massachusetts law may have some changes in its future. This article discusses its impact.
Communities and Banking , Issue Sum , Pages 16-19