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Keywords:Housing - Boston 

Journal Article
The market for single-family homes in the Boston area

New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 38-48

Journal Article
Home price appreciation in low- and moderate-income markets

Do homes in low- and moderate- income areas of a city appreciate like homes in high income areas? Do owners of those lower-priced homes accumulate as much equity as owners of higher-priced homes? Karl Case and Maryna Marynchenko share their results, some of which are quite surprising.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 8-12

Journal Article
Beyond neighborhood revitalization

After community groups rescue a troubled neighborhood, the area may attract many newcomers?and become expensive. One community shows how to help activists retain the diversity of the towns they work so hard to revitalize.
Communities and Banking , Issue Win , Pages 16-19

Journal Article
The housing cycle in Eastern Massachusetts: variations among cities and towns

Numerous studies over the years have attempted to identify the impact of amenities on housing price levels within specific metropolitan areas. It is well know, for example, that local public goods, tax burdens, school quality, crime rates, and the like are capitalized into land values. This article divides the Eastern Massachusetts area into small groups of similar towns and examines the pattern of price changes across those groups during the boom, bust, and recovery periods. Since 1982, differences in appreciation rates across cities and towns have been particularly pronounces. The authors ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 24-40

Journal Article
Soft Second Program celebrates 10 years

Jim Campen and Tom Callahan overview the growth of the Soft Second Program. They also evaluate its successes and prepare for the future.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 15-17

Journal Article
Green development: improving the health of residents and neighborhoods

Building sustainable developments for long-term savings and better community health
Communities and Banking , Issue Fall , Pages 25-27

Journal Article
Mind the gap: grandparents raising grandchildren

The population of grandparents raising their grandchildren is rising. These families face unique pressures, such as finding appropriate and affordable housing. In Boston, one housing community meets their needs. Others around the country may be on the way.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 3-7



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