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Working Paper
Cyclical and sectoral transitions in the U.S. housing market

Using data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, this paper examines the flow of U.S. households within and between two distinct segments of the housing market ? renter-occupied properties and owner-occupied properties. The paper provides relevant empirical moments for microfounded models of the housing sector. In particular, net flows in the housing market are substantially smaller than the gross flows, as is the case in the literature on labor market flows. Housing market turnover also exhibits substantial heterogeneity in household moving rates, the long-run moving trends, and the ...
Working Papers , Paper 12-17

Journal Article
Dividing up the investment pie: have we overinvested in housing?

Business Review , Issue Mar , Pages 13-23

Journal Article
The long-run relationship between consumption and housing wealth in the Eighth District states

Regional Economic Development , Issue Oct , Pages 140-147

Journal Article
The geography of life's chances

Regional Review , Volume 11 , Issue Q 4 , Pages 25 - 31

Discussion Paper
Is the Recent Tax Reform Playing a Role in the Decline of Home Sales?

From the fourth quarter of 2017 through the third quarter of 2018, the average contract interest rate on new thirty-year fixed rate mortgages rose by roughly 70 basis points�from 3.9 percent to 4.6 percent. During this same period, there was a broad-based slowing in housing market activity with sales of new single-family homes declining by 7.6 percent while sales of existing single-family homes fell by 4.6 percent. Interestingly though, these declines in home sales were larger than in the two previous episodes when mortgage interest rates rose by a comparable amount. This post considers ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20190415

Journal Article
Common threads

TEN , Issue Fall , Pages 5-11

Journal Article
Making sense of the U.S. housing slowdown

Economic Letter , Volume 1

Journal Article
Neighborhood stabilization & land banking

Land banking helps communities that acquire foreclosed properties to retain them until market demand returns. Today the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 provides support for using land banking in neighborhood stabilization efforts.
Communities and Banking , Issue Sum , Pages 3-5

Discussion Paper
Home Repair Costs in Baltimore

The COVID-19 pandemic has put housing stability at the forefront of public policy discussions, and home repair is a critical piece of that conversation. What were total home repair costs in Baltimore prior to the pandemic, and how might COVID-19 impact home repair?
Regional Matters

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, May 16, 1990 (Federal Reserve System's programs to ensure equal access to housing credit)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jul



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