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Economic outlook and central bank policy: a speech at the University of Rochester, William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration Economic Outlook Seminar, November 27, 2007

Presented by Charles I. Plosser, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, presented at the University of Rochester, William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration , Economic Outlook Seminar, Hyatt Regency Rochester, November 27, 2007
Speech , Paper 11

Journal Article
The behavior of home buyers in boom and post-boom markets

New England Economic Review , Issue Nov , Pages 29-46

Conference Paper
List price signaling and buyer behavior in the housing market


Discussion Paper
Rural Spotlight: Creating a Reservoir of Housing Resources in New River Valley

Rural communities across the nation face workforce housing shortages. Here, we define “workforce housing” as housing affordable to households earning less than 120 percent of the area median income. While the reasons behind these shortages vary from one jurisdiction to another, the effects are the same: many residents face high housing costs.
Regional Matters

Journal Article
Record housing boom in the 1980s?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Green equity housing : building for a future

Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 3 , Pages 5

Journal Article
How can QE3 affect the housing market?

The Fed?s concern for housing is a relatively new phenomenon. Historically, house price bubbles have been localized and affected only areas with rapid growth. The latest housing bust, however, was a nationwide problem with important ramifications for employment and economic activity.
Economic Synopses

Working Paper
Measuring housing services inflation

Recent papers have questioned the accuracy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' methodology for measuring implicit rents for owner-occupied housing. The authors propose cross-checking the BLS statistics by using data on owner-occupied and rental housing from the American Housing Survey. A hedonic approach that explicitly calculates capitalization rates appears to be a feasible one for developing a methodologically consistent measure of the rental cost of owner-occupied housing.
Working Papers , Paper 99-9

Working Paper
The suburban housing market: effects of city and suburban employment growth

Communities in close proximity to areas of growing employment will experience greater upward housing demand shifts from job growth than more distant communities, but the housing market response will depend on the elasticity of supply, which is likely to differ cross communities. Using a data set of over 88,000 housing sales in suburban Philadelphia, the author finds that city employment growth has a significant positive effect on suburban house values; this effect is largest for housing closest to the central business district and declines with distance from the CBD. City employment growth ...
Working Papers , Paper 96-15

Working Paper
Reverse mortgage loans: a quantitative analysis

Supersedes Working Paper 13-27. Reverse mortgage loans (RMLs) allow older homeowners to borrow against housing wealth without moving. Despite growth in this market, only 2.1% of eligible homeowners had RMLs in 2011. In this paper, the authors analyze reverse mortgages in a calibrated life-cycle model of retirement. The average welfare gain from RMLs is $885 per homeowner. The authors? model implies that low-income, low-wealth, and poor-health households benefit the most, consistent with empirical evidence. Bequest motives, nursing-home-move risk, house price risk, and loan costs all ...
Working Papers , Paper 14-27



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