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Keywords:Home Mortgage Disclosure Act 

Journal Article
Increase in the exemption threshold for depository institutions reporting under HMDA

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, November 4, 1993(results of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Expanded HMDA data on residential lending: one year later

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov

Journal Article
New HMDA data: intent, interpretation, and implications

In March, the first data reflecting changes to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act became available to the public. Anna Afshar summarizes the new data?s features, the intent of the changes, and the limits of interpretation.
Communities and Banking

Journal Article
HMDA data to include new home loan price information

Financial Update , Volume 18 , Issue Q 2

Working Paper
Estimates of home mortgage originations, repayments, and debt on one-to-four-family residences

Since 1997, when the Department of Housing and Urban Development discontinued its quarterly gross mortgage flow system, there has been no systematic attempt to disaggregate the net change in outstanding home mortgage debt into its constituent gross flows. Using a different approach, we have developed a system that reconciles the change in regular home mortgage debt with mortgage flows. The latter includes home purchase and refinance originations, and mortgage purchases, sales, and repayments for five types of mortgage originators and six categories of other mortgagees. In the process, we ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2005-41

Discussion Paper
Home mortgage lending by applicant race/ethnicity: do HMDA figures provide a distorted picture?

Consumer and Community Affairs Policy Studies , Paper 2000-3

Working Paper
The cultural affinity hypothesis and mortgage lending decisions

Working Paper Series, Issues in Financial Regulation , Paper 95-8


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