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Keywords:Gross state product 

Journal Article
Census data show the economy matters

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 1, 6-8, 12

Working Paper
Calibrating manufacturing decline in the midwest: value added, Gross State Product, and all points between

Working Paper Series, Regional Economic Issues , Paper 91-8

Journal Article
Changes in tenth district industrial structure, 1963-86: evidence from new state data

Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue Nov , Pages 35-51

Journal Article
Gross state product estimates for Fifth District jurisdictions

Cross Sections , Issue Sum , Pages 9-11

Working Paper
A Window of opportunity opens for regional economic analysis: BEA releases gross state product data

Working Paper Series, Regional Economic Issues , Paper 1989-3

Journal Article
Should states fear the effects of a changing dollar?

Business Review , Issue Sep , Pages 3-12

Discussion Paper
Estimating GSP and labor productivity by state

In gauging the health of state economies, arguably the two most important series to track are employment and output. While employment by state is available about three weeks after the end of a month, data on output, as measured by Gross State Product (GSP), are only available annually and with a significant lag. This Policy Discussion Paper details how more current estimates of GSP can be generated using U.S. Gross Domestic Product and personal income along with individual states personal income. A straightforward share approach yields reasonable GSP estimates, but a more sophisticated ...
Policy Discussion Papers , Issue Mar

Working Paper
Accounting for differences in aggregate state productivity

Working Papers , Paper 90-1