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Keywords:Gross domestic product 

Conference Paper
Strategies for growth : general discussion

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
A common currency for the Americas?

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 1, 7-10

Working Paper
News, noise, and estimates of the \"true\" unobserved state of the economy

Which provides a better estimate of the "true" state of the U.S. economy, gross domestic product (GDP) or gross domestic income (GDI)? Past work has assumed the difference between each estimate and the "true" state of the economy is pure noise, taking greater variability to imply lower reliability. We posit instead that each difference may be pure news; then greater variability implies higher information content and greater reliability. This is a general point, applicable to numerous situations beyond the case of combining GDP and GDI. For that particular case, we analyze various vintages ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2007-34

Working Paper
Monetary policy, output composition and the Great Moderation

This paper shows how US monetary policy contributed to the drop in the volatility of US output fluctuations and to the decoupling of household investment from the business cycle. I estimate a model of household investment, an aggregate of non durable consumption and corporate sector investment, inflation and a short-term interest rate. Subsets of the models' parameters can vary along independent Markov Switching processes. ; A specific form of switches in the monetary policy regimes, i.e. changes in the size of monetary policy shocks, affect both the correlation between output components and ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-07-07

Journal Article
U.S.exports and foreign economic growth : which regions matter most?

U.S. export growth tends to vary with changes in different foreign regions' economic growth rates. This article estimates how much change in U.S. export growth may be associated with a rise or fall in a given region's GDP growth.
Macro Bulletin

Journal Article
Changes in the wealth of nations

This study systematically examines the distribution of the wealth of nations and how it has evolved over time. A nation's wealth is measured by its real per-capita gross domestic product. The study documents the following key economic development facts that a theory of economic development must be consistent with: There is a great disparity in wealth between the richest and poorest countries. This disparity has changed little in the postwar period. There was an upward shift in the distribution of the wealth of nations. There has been considerable relative wealth mobility, with some ...
Quarterly Review , Volume 17 , Issue Spr , Pages 3-16

Benefits and spillovers of greater competition in Europe: a macroeconomic assessment

We estimate the macroeconomic benefits and international spillovers of an increase in competition using a general-equilibrium simulation model with nominal rigidities and monopolistic competition in product and labor markets. We draw three conclusions after calibrating the model to the euro area against the rest of the industrial world. First, greater competition produces large effects on macroeconomic performance, as measured by standard indicators. In particular, we show that differences in competition can account for more than half of the current gap in GDP per capita between the euro area ...
Staff Reports , Paper 182

Journal Article
Long-run trends in labor supply

The recent "benign" combination of strong output growth and low inflation has led to speculation that the potential growth rate of real GDP has increased. This paper examines trends in labor supply to see whether this source of GDP growth might have accelerated. Discussions of labor supply often focus on labor force participation. But other considerations--such as the length of the workweek, the amount of time spent away from work and the demographic structure of the population--also have been important in causing trend shifts in labor supply. My ...
Economic Review

Journal Article
What is potential GDP and why does it matter?

One look at recent Congressional Budget Office data shows how much estimates of the output gap can change as time passes.
Economic Synopses

Working Paper
A cross-country quarterly database of real house prices: a methodological note

We build from (mainly) publicly available national sources a database of (nominal and real) house prices?complemented with data on private disposable income (PDI)?for 19 advanced countries at a quarterly frequency, starting in the first quarter of 1975. We select a house price index for each country that is consistent with the U.S. FHFA quarterly nationwide house price index for existing single-family houses (formerly called OFHEO house price index), and extend the country series back to 1975 with available historical data whenever necessary. Each house price index is seasonallyadjusted over ...
Globalization Institute Working Papers , Paper 99



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